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Setting Goals

“I will build my church.”

                — Matthew 6:18

Having goals is important. When God sent His son to walk upon the Earth, He did not do so just because. He sent Him with a specific purpose in mind; He was to make disciples so they could build the church of God. Because of that goal, it gave solid direction to His time on Earth. Once Jesus’ time was finished, He left His disciples with the same goal. They were to leave the area and carry the word of Jesus’ love, death, and resurrection to the rest of the world. That goal not only gave them direction, it gave them something to hold on to when things became difficult.

We are no exception. Our lives run significantly smoother when we have a primary goal in mind. Any project, any task needs to have a goal. It is only with that solid direction that we can measure the success of the project when it becomes complete.

Setting goals does not have to be a difficult process. Think carefully about what you hope to accomplish. What will your end product look like? How will you know when it is complete? A goal is specific in nature and clearly defines your end outcome.

Take the time to set specific goals for every project you begin. If goal setting is important enough to work for God, it should be good enough for each of us.

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