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“Solitude is preparation for more honest relationships and more deliberate participation with others and the world.”

               — Maxie Dunnam

By nature, human beings long to be surrounded with other people. We are meant to be connected, to share portions of our lives with others. In fact, from those very first moments in the Garden of Eden, God knew it was not good for man to be alone; that is why He created Eve. But even in the midst of building relationships and sharing with others, we also have a distinct need to enjoy moments of solitude.

Solitude does not mean we live our entire lives alone. It simply means we actively engage in opportunities to be still. It is an opportunity invest in your own relationship with God. Even Jesus took the time to sequester himself from His disciples and spend time in commune with His father. He often purposely separated Himself from others to be supported by God. It was during these moments that Jesus was able to reconnect with the Father. But more than simple reconnection, He also took the time to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider what He was currently facing, how He could better achieve His goals, and how he could support those around Him.

When we take the time to enjoy solitude, we are not setting ourselves apart from others. We are not refusing to enjoy their company or trying to handle everything ourselves. True solitude offers us the time well needed to reconnect with God, strengthen our relationship with Him, and learn how to better serve those in our lives. Solitude is an important part of living a healthy life.

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