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Spiritual Hindrances

by  Clarissa Stallings

There is not a person that has been born on the face of this earth that doesn’t fight with some type of issue called, ‘hindrances’. No matter who we are or what we are, we all have them. Some of us go through life each and every day realizing that we have them but, are not willing to resolve them and then there are others who, want to resolve them but, experience great difficulty in doing so thus giving up the fight. No matter what the reasons may be, these are matters that can greatly retard our spiritual growth. In other words, Natural Hindrances Can Block Our Spiritual Growth especially when we decide not to ask our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to help us fight these spiritual battles so that, we can eventually receive our deliverance from them.

By definition a ‘hindrance’ is generally- anything that impedes, obstructs, stops or retards progress; anything that blocks or inhibits us from receiving what is rightfully ours especially through, the Word of God and by the Blood of Jesus. A ‘hindrance’ can also be defined as-any legal or biblical strong hold that the enemy has over us.

Some examples of spiritual ‘hindrances’ are; sin, un-forgiveness, unbelief, curses, pride fear, embarrassment, lack of desire, lack of knowledge, passivity, occultism (belief in supernatural sciences or powers such as; magic, alchemy, theosophy and spiritism, either for the purpose of enlarging man’s powers against the forces of evil bringing the forces of darkness into the natural realm for evil control purposes or of predicting the future) and ungodly soul ties. Any ‘hindrances’ in these areas can temporarily and in some cases, permanently prevent us from receiving the flow of blessings that God may have in store for us! Nevertheless, it is important for all of us to be aware of the fact that, because we are human (in the flesh), it is our nature to be prone to making mistakes that will eventually lead to these negative ‘hindrances’ in our lives. The good news is that, we do not have to fight overcoming them all by ourselves. This is impossible for us to do on our own anyway! However, if we continue in attributing to the continued practices of acting out these spiritual ‘hindrances’ without remorse or repentance in asking God through Jesus Christ to deliver us from such evils, we will subject ourselves to dying a spiritual death of which there maybe a point of no return from. Therefore, it is of the uttermost importance for all of us to know what we are up against and praying sincerely to Jesus Christ, makes all of the difference in the world to, eliminating these areas from our lives!

It is a known spiritual fact that, everything negative that happens to us is not brought about by our own hand. This is because, we may not set out to be involved in some of the areas that bring out these ‘hindrances’ to us. This can happen as the result of us not having the spiritual discerning spirit that only God can give us and because, some people refuse to familiarize themselves with the Word of God by daily studying the Holy Bible, it is not realized that, these negative areas can sneak up on us and without our knowledge, become a part of our daily lives (transference of spirits). This is a dangerous invasion of evil that can penetrate to the core of our very souls! Without the right spiritual ammunition to wart of such evils, they can absorb all of the good things that God has planned for us and put us on a path that leads to total spiritual destruction! We are no match for the enemy and we have no “Nail Prints” in our hands! This is why it is so important for us to know Jesus Christ! In HIM, and by knowing HIM, we are heir to HIS Promises and there are no hindrances to great that, HE and HE alone, cannot remove from our lives.

Natural Hindrances Can Block Our Spiritual Growth and knowing the absolute remedy in avoiding and getting rid of them only comes in knowing the absolute Lord and Savior who died and rose from the grave so that, we would not have to succumb to any trick of the enemy.

Daily prayer and supplication with the One and Only Jesus Christ, can eliminate all of the spiritual invasions (hindrances) that can ever be thrown at us. This process is not as hard as we often make it because, all we have to do is to, invite Jesus Christ into our lives as our personal Lord and Savior. HE will direct us in the correct paths to follow, the correct choices to make and to the correct circle of people that HE wants in our lives.

When we make the right choice to want to learn about and know Jesus Christ, we will discover that, we have an Advocate, a Mediator and a Protector who suffered for us, died for us, rose for us and who took the keys of death and hell from Satan (Revelation 1:18-New Testament) so that, we could conquer every spiritual hindrance that occurs in our natural lives!

Jesus Christ tells us that, in HIM we will find the absolute truth, “32And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32-New Testament). The truth is, HE can eliminate and deliver us from, Natural Hindrances that Can Block Our Spiritual Growth! In knowing this, now, the choice is ours! It is my heart’s desire that, we all will make the right choice…Jesus Christ!!!

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