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Standing on the Promises

“Standing on the promises of Christ my Kind. Through eternal ages let His praises ring. Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing. Standing on the promises of God.”

            Traditional hymn – R. Kelso Carter

Promises are sacred in our family. We do not even use the word unless we can absolutely guarantee we will follow through. For our family, that simply means that when any of say the word promise, we will definitely make good on our word. Unfortunately, the world does not always work that way. It is very difficult to trust others around us because they are not always very good at following through. And this is not an exception. Even Peter, one of Jesus’ most trusted followers, broke his promise to never forsake Jesus. But, that particular promise only lasted a few hours – long enough for him to save himself.

The world is full of those who have good intentions. They do not make promises with the intent to break them. Like Peter, other things that may become more important simply get in the way. Fortunately for us, we do not have to rely on the promises of others.  We are able to stand on the promises of God. He began His promises the moment he placed a rainbow in the sky after saving Noah and his family’s lives. Since then, God has followed through on all of His promises with each of us.

As a child of God, I know where my strength comes from. It comes from the Father and the fact that He is the one and only individual who I can guarantee will never break a promise. I can stand strong on my faith in Him and in His word.

How blessed I feel to be standing on the promises of God.

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