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Taking Our Country Back One Piece At A Time

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My father used to say “If you received your whole paycheck each week, then had to give Uncle Sam what they take, it would infuriate you.” But the government makes it very simple for you. They have your employer take it all out before you even get your check, and before you know it, 30-40% of your hard-earned money gets sent off to Uncle Sam.

This money we give our government is supposed to be there for us when we retire, giving us some security in our old age. Now politicians are using our money to fund their lifestyles and calling our money an “entitlement.” What a farce. You and I both know our money is already gone. In fact, our government has borrowed trillions of dollars against the money we have yet to give them. How much more can we, the people, take?

In any big business—and believe me, Uncle Sam is a business—there is a cycle of overspending. When this happens in private companies, they scale back. Accountants and efficiency experts dig in, find the gravy, and cut that gravy out. Funny thing, most of the gravy comes from the top, and all those six-figure, non-product enhancing jobs are eliminated quickly. Private companies know what keeps them alive—regular “roll up your sleeves” people.

But when Uncle Sam gives the fat cats at the top carte blanche, there is no accountability. There is no company president at the top to drop the axe on these guys, no one to cut the gravy out. In fact, our current president is spending more than all presidents combined, under the guise that our economy will crumble if we don’t keep feeding it.

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Folks, we must take our country back. But I fear it’s too late, as Uncle Sam has now built an untouchable system. It’s going to take a total collapse to get things back in line. That’s where you and I come in. We must be prepared. We must get back to the way our forefathers lived, simply, without support from our government.

Personally, my family has been taking steps toward being self-sufficient for 10 years now. This is not rocket science—it’s simple math. Income has to match payables. If we can’t live on what we make, we must reduce spending. When our economy fails (and it surely will), we will need to know how to survive. The first thing we did in our family was get out of debt. We doubled down on our house payment until it was gone. We learned how to rebuild everything from lawn mowers to cars. We now barter for many of our necessities. We trade goods and services for things we cannot make or grow. There are no fancy new cars in our driveway, no shiny new boats or campers. If we can’t pay cash for it, we don’t buy it.

We all see this coming, folks, but most of us are burying our heads in the sand. Between my wife and me, we have given our government over $500,000 dollars in our lifetime, and it stinks to know we probably will never see it back, but we must cut ties now. We must cut our losses and take another direction.

I am now a stay-at-home dad, raising our last child, growing our own food, maintaining our home and cars. The only way we could afford to do this was to cut spending. My wife still works outside the home, but plans to retire in the next two years. To date, our family needs $500 per week income to survive. We hope to have that whittled down even further soon by raising more food in our greenhouse and bartering with local groceries and businesses for necessities. We are taking our lives back—one piece at a time—and we are separating from the financial ties of our government.

These are the things we can control. These are the things that give us our pride back. These are the things that made our country strong, and these are surely the things that will get us back on track. Each day we have more confidence, and each day we get stronger and more self-sufficient. God says “Do what you can, and leave the rest to Me,” and that is what we are doing.

Have faith and be prepared, folks, it’s the only way to live.

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