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The Calm after the Storm

“Then God said to Noah, ‘Come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives.’”

                — Genesis 8:16

We’ve all heard the saying before…there is a calm before the storm. It’s that period of time when things appear serene, but you know there is a storm brewing on the horizon. For some, they bask in that tranquility; they soak up every moment because they know the calm will eventually end. Others cannot take the time to enjoy it because they worry about the storm the entire time.

But no matter whether you enjoy the calm or you worry the entire time, the storm always comes. Of course, the beauty of the storm is that there also always a calm once it is over.

Unfortunately, the calmness is not always evident. You may have to search for it, removing the debris from your field of vision, but the peace is there. Noah’s time in the ark is the perfect example of this. He and his family endured forty days of a torrential storm. They were completely unsure what their world would be like once the storm passed. But still they suffered through the storm. And once it was over they let out a collective sigh of relief only to find their world completely covered by the debris of a flood. They stayed on the ark together trusting that God would come through. And he did. The waters receded, clearing the debris along the way and Noah and his family were able to reenter their lives once again.

When we are in the midst of the storm, we simply have to remember the promise of the rainbow. There is calm on the other side. Hold onto the promises of God and trust that you will be able to find it.

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