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The Image of God

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

               — Genesis 1:27

The creation story clearly tells us that each and every single one of us has been crafted in the image of God. We were created with the specific intent to reveal His glory to the world. How can this be though? We are not identical in our appearance, or our emotions. We react differently in similar situations and we do not behave the same way. How is it possible then that we are alike?

The answer is simple. God did not make us to look like Him in outward appearance. Instead, we were created to have His specific attributes. We have a Father who loves, who believes in service, who is compassionate and who is generous. That is who we were fashioned after and that is who we are supposed to be.

God loves every one of His children, even when we hurt Him with our words and actions. He served mankind through the actions of His son while He was here on Earth, offering us the ultimate gift with the sacrifice of His son.

The world pulls us in a variety of directions, each one asking us to portray certain characteristics. But, God asks us to exemplify specific characteristics as well. And He does not ask us to do anything or be anyone He is not willing to be Himself.

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