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The Light In The Darkness

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.”

               — John 1:5

At the moment, I cannot help but be struck by the beauty that surrounds me. The moon is full and high in the sky tonight, gracing the landscape with soft light. Everything else is dark and silence surrounds me. Every now and then, clouds drift in front of the moon, trying hard to hide her glorious shine. The light fades occasionally but is never fully muted.

The image is remarkably beautiful and not just the physical look of things. It is more than that. This shining beacon of light is reminiscent of the light God places in each of us. Things may happen occasionally that will dim the light, but it is always there, a constant reminder of His love for us.

Imagine for a moment that you are standing in a dark room. Pitch black night surrounds you. But if you reach for a flashlight, a lighter, a candle, even a cell phone, you can immediately cast yourself in a small wash of light. You may not be able to see the full room around you, but you can see enough to feel safe. You can even cover that light with your hands and you still will not be able to completely dim the light. Now, imagine standing in the middle of the most brightly lit location you can think of. Everywhere you look is bathed in light. You stand in the center of the room and cup your hands together, capturing darkness in your grip. But, no matter how hard you may try, that darkness cannot overwhelm you and it can no longer be contained once you release your hands. The darkness simply is not that powerful.

God’s love is the light in our darkness. It cannot be extinguished and will always serve as a guide. But, He did not end things there. He placed a small amount of that love, that light, in each of us. Share that special gift today and be the light in someone else’s darkness.

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