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The Nature Of Time

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

           — William Penn

Perhaps you are one of those individuals who go to sleep with your next day detailed. Or, you may be one who chooses to wait until morning to see what the day will hold. Possibly, you may even be somewhere in between. No matter which category you fall into, the reality is each morning when you wake up, you must decide how to spend your day.

Time is one of the few truly uncontrollable elements in our lives. No matter what we do, we cannot add more. Every person is allotted twenty-four hours a day to accomplish life and no amount of begging, borrowing, or pleading will change that. Of course, this uncontrollable element also says much about who we are. The things on which we choose to spend our time detail those things we deem the most important. For some of us it is work, for others family. Some may spend all their time caring for others and still others on taking care of themselves.

Think for a moment what your day says about you. If you were to detail every moment of your day to an accountability partner, spouse or friend, what would the conversation sound like. Would you feel fine with how your time is spent or would you feel as if you needed to justify every decision? Time is the one commodity we spend without thinking. So, consider every hour of your day and determine if you are truly satisfied with how they were spent.

How do you spend your time?

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