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The Political Speck

You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

            Matthew 7:5

Any political season can be difficult, but presidential election times seem that much more complex. Every time we turn on the radio, catch a commercial on the television, or even flip through the newspaper (or news online) we are hit with countless commercials explaining to us how horrible the opponent is. It does not matter which party the candidate comes from, all it seems that we ever hear is the negative side of any situation or characteristic. How then are we ever supposed to determine which way to vote?

It is easy for us to hear Jesus’ caution in Matthew and immediately look to the politicians. How dare they accuse each other of wrong decisions and poor choices when they cannot recognize the same in themselves? Rarely though, do we ask that same question of ourselves. How easy it seems for us to judge the politicians when their faults are paraded across the media waves. I have to wonder how each of us might stand up to that very same scrutiny.

Our political system may seem flawed in many ways. It may be time to make changes and it may even be time to shake things up. But, we cannot see the solution if we do not view it through a clean set of eyes. We cannot rely on the preconceived notions we have developed. Instead, we must ask God to guide our eyes, our decisions, and ultimately, our choice.

It is only when we are at a place of spiritual cleanliness that we can see the world as He wants us to see it.

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