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The Power of a Devotion

“Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path. “

— Psalm 119:105

Devotions can consist of many things. They can include stories, anecdotes, ideas, parables; the list goes on and on. The can illustrate examples, lend credibility to a speaker, or even just bring conceptual thoughts to an understandable level. If devotions are so simply inconsistent though, what is the point of having them? Why click on the ‘Proverbs for Preppers’ tab every day or study your own devotional reading book?

In short, why are devotions important?

These small nuggets of wisdom can act as a springboard of faith and guidance to use in your own study of scripture. Your faith grows on a daily basis. Just as a child moves from liquids to soft and then to solid food, your faith also grows in the same manner. But many people struggle with how to study on a regular basis. They can read a scripture over and over and still find no meaning from the words. This is where the power of a daily devotion helps.

As you move into your new year, I encourage you to commit to reading at least one small devotion every day. If you are already working on that, you can increase your time or look to draw your own conclusions. The important aspect is that you continue to study God’s word and use the illustrations He helps others draw from the world around them to further your own knowledge.

The only thing God truly asks of us is to believe in Him, accept Him for who He is, and build a relationship with Him. A devotion helps accomplish that.

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