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Natural Fertilizer Can Dramatically Improve “Survival Garden” Food Production

natural fertilizer

Protogrow is a fantastic natural fertilizer that mineralizes your soil and boosts your yield exponentially.

Ok gardeners! Buckle up! Here is a fantastic natural fertilizer that mineralizes your soil and boosts your yield exponentially. You will, in turn, grow healthy, chemical-free crops only for a fraction of what you usually spend on other fertilizers.

Let’s think gardening for a split second or at least plan ahead. Well, I just came across this fantastic product and I couldn’t get enough of it. I have a BIG container of this fertilizer stuffed in my cupboard. It’s a tremendous product, and oh boy does it work! I am obsessed with natural ways of making my produce flourish and grow big. In this article, I’ll show you why Protogrow is simple to use and why it’s a natural alternative to commercial garden fertilizers.


Gardener Rating

Product: Protogrow Natural Fertilizer
Seller: Powerful Living
Rating: 5 out of 5


What Is Protogrow?

Protogrow is a natural fertilizer blended from a unique mix of liquid kelp and organic fish emulsion that in turn makes it riskless and potent. This is an all-in-one formula designed to grow your produce to its maximum genetic expression. Furthermore, it is a “superfood” that stimulates your soil’s nutrient content. Studies have shown that the Protogrow formula can generate nutrient-dense foods and vegetables without the need for chemicals.


Why Protogrow?

Using natural fertilizer can be a confusing process for farmers that intend to take a natural approach with produce in their gardens. This is true because they seek to buy fertilizers in a somewhat crowded environment with synthetic products claiming to produce higher yield fruits and vegetables.

The organic food market is continually growing, and most of the products in the market aren’t as safe for coming up with a healthy garden. Protogrow is a convenient and effective fertilizer for growing your organic foods. Moreover, the fertilizer creates a soil rich in humus and minerals, which is key to the growth of your plants.


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Enhance Your Farm’s Yield With The Natural Fertilizer Protogrow

The most essential benefit of Protogrow is its ease of use. Just put it in your pump and boom! Most of the other fertilizers, both natural and synthetic, require a prudent approach during application to ensure the fertilizer doesn’t destroy the produce. Protogrow doesn’t need such caution.

Natural Fertilizer

Protogrow natural fertilizer can generate incredible production and amazing growth speed for the plants in your garden.

In addition to producing foods dense in nutrients, I noticed that Protogrow made me stare at my garden more because of the amazement of the growth speed of my produce. Besides, this fertilizer delivered brilliant blooms and fantastic production for my garden.

If you are a homesteader or landscaper looking to grow sod, shrubs, or the most potent herbs, this is your best alternative. With this fertilizer, you can even grow crops on the sand and stun your friends!

Some researchers consider Protogrow to be one of the most significant advancements in horticulture. Why? Because Protogrow, due to its natural constituents, increases the micro-organisms in the soil.

After applying Protogrow to your garden, the leaves turn dark green as a result of higher sugar content. The aging process of the plants slows down, and the plant vigor picks up immediately.

The trace minerals in this fertilizer, which contains kelp, have other special, regulatory functions when applied to plants.


Importance Of Natural Fertilizer

Over the years, farmers who have been inclined to use synthetic fertilizers on their farms have noted a significant reduction in yield. This decline occurs because the continued use of the synthetic fertilizers has led to a degradation in soil quality. Chemical fertilizers lower the soil pH, increase acidity, and cause the leaching of primary nutrients in the soil. Consequently, the best solution for farmers to avoid such adverse effects is to switch from chemical fertilizers to natural fertilizers.

The benefits of organic fertilizers are certainly numerous. First of all, they reduce the soil’s acidity and do not cause leaching. They also don’t kill microorganisms in the soil. Protogrow, for instance, contains sufficient amounts of nutrients such as Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). The fertilizer also possesses other micro-nutrients such as Copper (Cu) in adequate quantities.

The plant damage threat that’s very likely when you use synthetic fertilizers is a myth when using Protogrow. No matter how you apply it, there’s no threat of damage.


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What I Liked About Protogrow

From my experience with Protogrow, it’s not like any ordinary fertilizer. Once you apply it to your garden, there’s very little left to do. You’ll notice visible results in your plants even under terrible moisture and lighting conditions.

For the plants that rarely bloom, you’ll see that they become more vibrant and flower instantly. The sickly plants thrive into life. With Protogrow, your produce definitely won’t be average.

When I used Protogrow on my garden, I noticed a substantial reduction in the need for using pesticides. As a result, this saved my overall costs for operating the garden.


Word Of Caution On Protogrow

Some plants like rose bushes can grow at an almost alarming rate if the conditions are right. Even small trees can “shoot up” in size within a short time. This is because Protogrow works promptly and it’s instrumental in boosting plant growth factors.

Some gardeners tend to overdo it, but this shouldn’t be the case. If you have these rapidly growing plants, skip one or two applications and you’ll be good to go.



You don’t have to break the bank when purchasing Protogrow. The product ranges from $30 per quart (which makes 24 gallons of fertilizer) to $180 per 12 quarts. The ordering is fast and reliable, and as you can see, the product is clearly affordable.


Who Should Use Protogrow?

  • Flower Gardeners
  • Landscapers
  • Prize-winning pumpkin growers
  • Families that want organically-grown, nutrient-dense foods
  • Casual Gardeners
  • Rose Flower Gardeners
  • Vegetable Growers


Where Can I Buy Protogrow?

The only licensed Protogrow merchant in the U.S. is Powerful Living. The company has a lot of research studies with real, documented results. I was a Protogrow skeptic at first, but its organic makeup has given me an excellent alternative for the harsh chemical fertilizers. The data from the researchers convinced me that I could achieve the garden of my dreams, and that’s what I got.

Protogrow works like a man on steroids! If you’ve tried to turn your rose bush into a prize winner and failed, you should try Protogrow. With Protogrow, you should unlearn all you know about how fresh vegetables taste. The fruits and veggies are succulent and tasty, giving life to your kitchen.


A Few Kind Words From Customers About Protogrow

As a part of my market research, I had to dig for other happy clients that use Protogrow, and I was elated with my findings. These are some of the testimonials I came across from satisfied clients.

“I’m a first timer with Protogrow, and the results are unbelievable. My beets are nutrient packed and mouthwatering. You’ll note and feel the difference for yourself!!!”

“I wanted to spike my homegrown tomatoes with natural fertilizer dense in potassium and calcium. Protogrow gave my tomatoes an increased nutrient content giving the Protogrow fertilizer a taste like no other.”

It seems like I’m not the only satisfied customer. Nevertheless, these are but a few of the countless number of testimonials. There are tons of letters and cards from grateful Protogrow users.


My Closing Remarks

There you have it! Protogrow gives a combination of flavor and intensity.

Protogrow, therefore, is not any ordinary natural fertilizer.

The researchers say the reason for the excellent results from this natural fertilizer is a combination of mineral uptake and increased “good sugar” content.

A little goes a long way. Take a chance on Protogrow and replicate the results I have experienced in my own garden.

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Have you ever used any all natural fertilizers? Let us know in the comments below.


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