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Top Ten Gardening Secrets – #10 Earthworms, A Garden’s Best Friend

April 14, 2014

Want to know the secret all great gardens and gardeners have in common? It’s earthworms! Earthworms are without a doubt the hardest working critters on planet earth. They turn every thing they eat into black gold, better known as worm castings. These casting makes a garden grow and if you’ve every bought a bag of casting you know what we mean by the term, black gold. Well, fear not and keep your wallet secure, GardenRx host Loren Nancarrow is going to show you all the tricks of the trade for starting and raising your own earthworm farm. It’s simple, it’s easy and it takes up very little room in the garage. Not only will earthworms provide you with valuable castings, they’ll do so on the table scraps you were going to throw out anyway! Viva la earthworm!

Video courtesy of CupRockTV

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