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Ultimate Survival Get Out Of Dodge BOB (Bug Out Bag – NOT The Bare Minimum 72 Hour Kit)

November 2, 2012

Hey everybody. This bag is for me to haul for my family. Wife and 5 kids. Don’t be dumb. My 1,3 and 4 year old can’t be counted on to carry much if anything. I field tested all of this gear to make sure it could be relied upon. I’m also getting a lot of comments about not having firearms and what not. Trust me I am prepared in this aspect also. I just chose not to show them. My next video will have my updated bug out bag and I will show my other stuff as well. For those commenting on this stuff being junk… I have sold over 100 bags with all the same gear and have had nothing but very positive feedback. Just because the knife isn’t KA-BAR doesn’t mean squat. It’s a great knife! If my flashlight doesn’t stop working when I drop it then why should I pay $100 a different one? This is the ultimate bag, not the only what I need for myself bag. For example the gas mask is just for fun and a conversation starter. Every should know that a mask alone isn’t going to do jack for you in a NBC situation. And yes I was in the Army and know all about this stuff. I’m not some guy that watched some videos online and decided to put a bag together.

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