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Another Hospital Has Seized A Child Simply Because Mom Disagreed With Doctors

Image source: imgkidDOTcom

Image source: imgkidDOTcom

A Missouri mother has permanently lost custody of her son to authorities in another state simply because she disagreed with doctors at a Chicago hospital.

Isaiah Rider, 17, is now a ward of the state of Illinois even though he and his mother are residents of Missouri – and even though both of them want him back home.

“How is it anyone’s best interest for a state and agency 550 miles away to decide and dictate the best interest of a person?” Michelle Rider asked in an email to Health Impact News.

Off The Grid News reported on the case in August, but the mom didn’t lose permanent custody until this week. Isaiah will have to live in a foster home administered by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) until he turns 18, instead of with his mother.

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He suffers from a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis, which causes tumors to grow throughout his nervous system. He and his mom had travelled to Chicago for medical help, but he was never allowed to return.

“It is with a very heavy heart and great anger that I have to report to you all that my son who is a Missouri … resident was made a WARD of the court of the state of Illinois today,” Michelle posted on her Facebook page March 11. “A state we don’t even live in or have any ties to!”

She called it an “injustice and a complete disgrace to our entire country” and “everything it was founded on.”

“Today, I am deeply ashamed to be an American,” she wrote. “I hope others are as outraged as I am and will join us as we demand answers, demand that our leaders and elected officials who are supposed to be our voice, who are called to protect, that they do just that and stand up for us, that they will stand up for my son who is an amazing young man that has been abused by the very hands of the people who claim to be ‘protecting.’”

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Nightmare Continues

Isaiah Rider has been living in foster homes since last May when DCFS took custody of him at the request of doctors at Lurie Children’s Hospital. Rider has alleged that Cook County Child Protective Services was called in only because she disagreed with doctors’ assessment of her son’s condition.

The doctors accused the mom of medical child abuse and of subjecting Isaiah to medical care he did not need, The Chicago Tribune reported.

“They accused me of medical [child] abuse,” Rider told The Tribune. “I said, ‘What is that?’ They told me to Google it. I was not allowed to have contact with my son and was told they would be making medical decisions from now on.”

One of the hospital’s doctors spoke out and defended the action.

“We really felt we were dealing with a cycle of drugs being given to a child who didn’t need it,” Dr. Zena Leah Harris, one of the physicians who had been treating Isaiah, told The Tribune last year. Harris claimed that Rider had moved her son from state to state to subject him to unneeded medical care.

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Officials with, which is fighting for an amendment to the US Constitution protecting parental rights, called the latest news a “disgraces to our system of constitutional law.”

“Missouri resident Isaiah Rider was made a ward of the State of Illinois so that doctors who disagree with his mother regarding his medical treatment can continue to do as they please to a defenseless 17-year-old boy,” the group’s Facebook page reads.

Gangs In Foster Care

Michelle wrote on her Facebook page that doctors in December diagnosed Isaiah with a brain lesion.

Isaiah himself has spoken out, saying he was exposed to gangs and was sexually assaulted in foster care.

“Why is a bad foster home better than a home with parents who love them?” he asked in an interview with Health Impact News. “The only thing she’s trying to do is get me better, not hurt me. Mom is a better person than half of those people [at the hospital and DCFS].”

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  1. The bigger a government gets, the more powerful it becomes.
    The more powerful it becomes, the more abusive it is.
    Unfortunately, this is getting exponentially worse every day.

  2. This is something to be outraged about. I believe a parent and in this case the child together (since the child is 17) should decide whether they want to take the advice and treatment of one doctor or choose to decline services from that doctor and seek services elsewhere. I believe a judge will side with the doctor because of their status. However a good parent knows their child better than the doctors. The child is better off at home than in some type of foster care. It’s sad the emotional stress this child and his family are being put through. I myself was close to being in a similar situation with my 17 year old. In my case, I think the doctor had an eagle trip. I’d like to see justice for this family.

  3. This is simply the next step in totalitarianism where the people in positions of power know more than the average citizen and their view prevails. Hopefully the nation will manage to limp along for a few more decades until the space programs mature to where any pioneers desiring freedom can seek it off world mining an asteroid or settling on another planet. There is no true freedom anymore! Since 1929 the federal government has steadily grown into the feared big brother entity envisioned by George Orwell.

  4. And yet, at election time, the American public will still vote the same totalitarian government back into power.

    Epic fail……

    • And yet YOU fail to see the system is corrupt on both sides. If it truly mattered who Americans voted into office..surely we’d have a few decent politicians, laws, and events that would’ve benefited us by now.

      Nope…it’s all controlled. How else can you explain every step of this knife digging into the American citizens?

  5. I have followed this closely. There are lies upon lies here…on the side of what the medical entities claim. For medical abuse by proxy not only can a treating physician make the call but as part of the investigation it is recommended that contacts are made to build the case….speaking to past teachers, employers if the victim was employed and previous treating physicians. I cannot believe this happened as this family had ongoing care with a team for 10 years straight. There are little specialists in regards to neurofibromatosis so when things started to flare up and local doctors couldn’t provide answers, mom looked for answered for her son that was in pain. It would have been child abuse to NOT!!! I saw an actual video posted a while back from the mother documenting the pain her son was in and the doctor being the one offering a certain drug. She asked why do they keep giving him that one when it isn’t working? It’s on a video! Heart rate monitors going off beeping on the video while he is in pain. I’m sorry but u cannot make ur heart rate go up on ur own. He was already removed from her care months later and it happened again and he was taken to TWO hospitals in a matter of two weeks per Illinois!!!!!!!!! Proof enough? It’s disgusting what they have done to this family. Please everyone share this far and wide. Demand answers from the goverent!!!!!!

  6. “The doctors accused the mom of medical child abuse and of subjecting Isaiah to medical care he did not need,…”

    How amazingly ironic that a bunch of doctors, who are part of a profession that will happily and with a straight face prescribe toxic chemotherapy and radiation for cancer patients, would make such a claim.

    Hypocrites, and, perhaps, murderers.

    I say, as and in the words of John McDougall, M.D., “stay away from physicians.”

    And not to go over the top, let me close with this quote from the late Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D., “I don’t advise anyone who has no symptoms to go to the doctor for a physical examination. For people with symptoms, it’s not such a good idea, either. The entire diagnostic procedure — from the moment you enter the office to the moment you leave clutching a prescription or a referral appointment — is a seldom useful ritual.”

  7. I work in a hospital.

    It’s SO common to see kids act a little but sicker, or a little bit more in pain, when their mom is around. It’s typical kid behavior…trying to get a bit more of mom sympathy and attention.

    Even adults do this. I’ve seen adults act more sick just to get attention from hospital staff. Truly…It’s human nature.

    But this kid has ACTUAL medical records….and a surgical history…that supports his condition. What does it matter that he seems sicker when his mom is around. Are they saying his entire medical record is false?

    The parent needs to get ALL the medical records, see who the one person is who started this travesty…and sue the pants off this hospital.

  8. Unbelievable.
    This exact same situation happened to someone close to me. It’s over the top, that DCF is something else. I have so much more to say about them but won’t bc I have children in my home. I agree with everyone on here…

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