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White House Warns: Start Stockpiling For ‘Long-Term Loss Of Electric Power’

White House Warns: Start Stockpiling For ‘Long-Term Loss Of Electric Power’

Image source: Flickr

Three days’ worth of food and supplies is insufficient for your family’s survival, the federal government has finally acknowledged in what one expert is calling a landmark shift in emergency preparation.

The White House’s new plan was released last year as part of its Space Weather Strategy and Action Plan and then explained again in April at a workshop hosted by NOAA. The event included White House speakers.

Grid expert Chuck Manto attended the workshop and detailed the new plan in a June 15 article at, which is a website for emergency planners and first-responders, such as firemen and police.

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The new plan warns about a “long-term loss of electric power.”

(Listen to Off The Grid Radio’s interview with Manto here.)

“For the first time since the demise of the civil defense program of the Cold War, the federal government has made one of the most significant modifications to its emergency preparedness message,” wrote Manto, CEO of Instant Access Networks LLC, a firm that produces solutions for EMP-protected microgrids. “A three-day emergency kit is no longer sufficient to prepare for emerging threats, whether coming from Earth or from space.”

White House Warns: Start Stockpiling For ‘Long-Term Loss Of Electric Power’

Image source: Flickr

Manto added, “Instead of implying that U.S. communities can always count on being rescued from any disaster in four days – requiring three days of food and water to stay comfortable – the implication now is that local communities might not always receive assistance for a much longer period of time.”

The new federal government strategy contains several changes that Manto said are significant:

  • Complete an all-hazards power outage response and recovery plan: for extreme space weather events and the long-term loss of electric power and cascading effects on other critical infrastructure sectors;
  • “Other low-frequency, high-impact events are also capable of causing long-term power outages on a regional or national scale.
  • “The plan must include the Whole Communityand enable the prioritization of core capabilities.
  • Develop and conduct exercisesto improve and test Federal, State, regional, local and industry-related space weather response and recovery plans: Exercising plans and capturing lessons learned enables ongoing improvement in event response and recovery capabilities.”

Manto explained that the new strategy acknowledges that “unlike the cases of Hurricanes Katrina or Sandy, where help could come within a week or so, help might not arrive in 40 days, or even 400 days.”

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“Long-term national outages of power and other infrastructures that depend on them – including water, sewer, communications, and healthcare institutions – could mean that the entire country might undergo a catastrophe and might not be able to quickly mobilize resources to help many communities,” Manto wrote.

A long-term disaster is not simply theoretical, Manto asserted. Each decade brings anywhere from a 6-12 percent chance of an 1859 Carrington event, according to scientists. During that year, the sun experienced a solar storm of such magnitude that it would have shut down the power grid if it had existed.

“That is a significant likelihood for such a calamitous occurrence,” Manto wrote. “Including high-impact threats in overall disaster planning scenarios provides a sense of importance and immediacy that should compel the whole community to get involved, rather than simply hoping for someone to rescue them.”

Anyone who wants to survive an EMP-type event needs to take note of Manto’s warnings and act accordingly.

What is your reaction to the federal government’s new position? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. Interesting shift in philosophy. I wonder what they know and what they are not telling us. If you have read apocolyptic fiction, you will understand the scenarios that describe the inadequate or lack of government response to disasters. While fiction, they paint a very negative picture of what the government can do or is capable of doing. Remember that the people who work in Washington will only be focused on the Continuity of Government. Not necessarily on the people.

    After living through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I realized that we were not adequately prepared. I witnessed the disfunctionality of the government and the bickering between political groups.

    I have since got my general class Ham radio license and I have become a medical emergency responder. I volunteer at the State Police Headquarters during Emergencies. Skill development and preparadeness are a major focus of my current activities.

    Of all of the scenarios that concern me, the EMP or CME scare me the most and will probably will have the greatest impact to the health & security of the nation. Pray that it doesn’t happen. But prepare for worst. And hope that those we elect put the people ahead of political gain.

  2. This contradicts the law that Obama signed that states anyone that has more than three days of food can be arrested as a terrorist and have there stuff confiscated.

  3. John – how convenient, we all become potential terrorists

    • Only in Obama land my friend. I feel for all of our veterans both alive and at rest , who have been so brave and in the last two administrations we have had freedoms taken away and some given away by idiots. one day they will wake up and it will be all over but the crying. Did our veterans die in vain???

  4. If they now are saying this, the time is much closer and more devastating than most of us thought (those of us who have thought at all). If they told me to have a years worth of food and water, I’d make sure to have a least two or more and a good hiding place.

  5. Saw a program on the science channel about the sun observing satellite that has four telescopes with twelve instruments watching the sun in real time for solar flares.The data goes to a mission control in Colorado that is in charge of telling the government when a flare is headed our way. Once the flare is seen, we have eighteen to ten hours until it hits the earth! Certainly the Feds won’t tell the rest of us about it to avoid panic, so they tell us to stockpile more survival items…

  6. Kurt Fahlsing-Warble

    Obama is the greatest. He’s my man. So is his transgender wife.

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