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How To Erase Your Home From Google, Yahoo And Bing Maps

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Private companies like Google now have the legal right to use the kind of spy satellite technology once reserved for agencies like the NSA.

Our homes have been on Google for years, but the detail was limited to objects no larger than about 20 inches. Last year the US Department of Commerce lifted restrictions that essentially allow companies like Google and Microsoft (which owns Bing) to show images to the world as small as 12 inches.

That means they can use pictures of your property with far greater detail – potentially showing features like the color of your mailbox, objects sitting in your backyard, and even the types of plants growing in your garden.

“You can actually definitely see (car) windshields,” DigitalGlobe’s Kumar Navulur told DigitalGlobe is one of the satellite companies using the new technology. “We can actually tell you whether it’s a truck or an SUV or a regular car. We can identify pictures of a baseball diamond.”

Imagery taken is now for sale at DigitalGlobe’s website.

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If that was not disturbing enough, Google paid $500 million for SkyBox Imaging, a company that provides real-time high resolution pictures. Google plans to add Skybox imagery to Google Maps.

What does all this mean? It is going to be easier than ever for companies to take detailed pictures of your property.

The bad news is that, so far, it is impossible to hide your home from these next-generation eyes in the sky. The good news, though, is that all of the major mapping websites – Google, Bing and Yahoo – allow you to blur your home on their “street view” images, which often provide even more detail than satellite images.

It’s not uncommon to see pictures of families playing in their yards or children walking the dog – right there on Google Maps for the world to see. Google’s computers are programmed to “blur” faces and license plates, but they don’t catch everything.

Below you will find directions on how to blur your home on the street view functions of Google Maps, Bing and Yahoo. It only takes a few minutes for each one.

Google Maps

  • Visit and enter your home address.
  • Look to the lower-right of the screen. You should see a little icon that looks like a yellow person in the tool bar.
  • Click on that icon and drag it over to your address location on the map to access Street View.
  • The map should be replaced by a picture of your home or business. If you don’t see your home, then move up and down the street or rotate the picture until you do. (If it still doesn’t work, then Google may not have an image of your home.)
  • Click on “report a problem” on the bottom-right.
  • Follow the directions, and fill out the form.

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Bing Maps

  • Visit and enter your home address.
  • From the top of the map, drag the blue icon that looks like a person to your street. (Note: Bing requires installation of a program, Silverlight. If you street does not turn blue when dragging the “blue person” icon, then your house has not been photographed for Bing’s maps.)
  • Click on the question mark at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Click “report an image concern.”
  • Request that your home be blurred.

Yahoo Maps

  • Visit
  • Drag the gray icon that resembles a person (top-right) to your street. (If it won’t drag, then your street has not been photographed for Yahoo.)
  • Click on “report image” at the bottom-left of the screen. It will take you to a different website.
  • Click on “request blurring,” and follow the directions.

Beyond these steps, it is wise to follow up after several days or weeks to make sure your home has been blurred.

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  1. As drones get more affordable I don’t think our biggest problem is mapping. I did do as suggested and blurred my home from view. But drones in the hands of bad guys give an accurate up to date imagery of your property. Blurring the image does help with the here and now and preventing the criminal element from exploiting the information. It doesn’t stop the government from having the images without a blur though.

    • In order for the pictures to be live and for the controller to be able to manouvre the drone, it has to be transmitting all the time.

      Find the general frequency range of the drone and jam with a high powered multi-frequency multi-mode transmitter with a random noise on the carrier wave. You don’t have to worry whether there is encryption or not as the stronger signal will prevail over the weaker signal.

      One of two things will happen:
      1- The drone will continue on its last known command and get lost.
      2- The drone will crash.

      Multi-mode = AM, FM and SSB.

      Have fun shooting them down with RFI (radio frequency interference).

  2. This technology is an infringement upon our rights as Natives here in the US to practice our cultural and religious beliefs. We are not to be photographed and our sacred places are not to be photographed. Not only does this infringement violate the sacred places and NA religious freedom and restoration acts laws here it also violates the UN protocols dealing with the rights of native people and the first amendment to the constitution.

  3. If I ever see a drone hovering over my yard without permission, I will assume that its another version of clay pigeon shooting. bring it on…

    • I hope you don’t.

      Drones are regulated by the FAA, which means when you go play badass and shoot it down, it’s the same as shooting at a 747 flying over your house.

      It’s a felony, and worse, they’ll have you pretty face on video shooting at it.

      Good luck in court, bro.

  4. Unfortunately, all those methods are only temporary. It just gets relisted, re-photographed later. You have to keep removing yourself periodically. I know. We had a problem for years with a stalker who used primarily Google and online people finders to keep finding us and harrassing us.

  5. The good thing is that I live in a small town at the end of dead end road. All of maps stop their images at the intersection down the road. At least to the public, my house is not visable.

  6. Google Maps Satellite View shows me in my swimming pool.

  7. It doesn’t work anymore

  8. I mostly agree here, except I would suggest it may be better to be hidden in plain sight??

    Someone cruising around street view would be more likely to take notice of your home when it is blurred out, than just another box.

    Also, if google is keeping track of who it is blurring out, you could be worse off.

    The historical maps google has started keeping are particularly troubling, when people can see everything you’ve changed in your yard a year at a time. Even for something as simple as property taxes, building permits, etc

  9. A Garden hose with a jet stream attachment will bring a drone down easily – a BB gun rifle that shoots pellets is also lots of fun to use.

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