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Smart Meter Companies Admit: We’re Spying On You

Power companies admit: We're spying on you

Image source: Portland GE

Smart meters are spying devices. Not breaking news? Likely not for those of us who have researched the issue for quite a long while, but an admission by those who make the devices is rather shocking.

That is exactly what has happened, as SmartGridNews, a website supported by the high-tech meter industry, acknowledged that smart meters are gathering private information on homeowners.

Smart meters utilize wireless technology and instantly tell power companies how much electricity a home is using, and even can report on the power usage by individual appliances, as Smart Grid News said. Smart meters also can literally control newer household appliances that have the capability to communicate with the device.

“One of the next areas of value comes from taking smart meter data and ‘disaggregating’ it to tell us exactly how customers are using electricity,” reads a new story on the website. “Do external devices already do this? Sure. Just as progress in the smart phone world reduced the need for external devices (cameras, alarm clocks, radios, pedometers, navigation systems, etc.) the ability to get accurate, appliance level feedback, without the need to invest in external hardware, is the next step in the world of smart meters.”

The Stop Smart Meters website states that fire dangers are also a problem associated with smart meters. Fire calls after smart meter installations reportedly include the shorting-out of electronics of all varieties and the burning-out of appliances.

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Cyber hacking of smart meters to possibly overload and garner control of significant portions of the power grid is also an often-voiced worry about the smart power initiative. In Connecticut, 30 percent of customers in a pilot program had higher bills after smart meters were installed.

According to the Stop Smart Meters group, the smart grid devices do not always emit less RF (radio frequency) exposure than a cell phone — as some utility companies allegedly state.

“People are becoming increasingly aware of the potential harm done by chronic exposure to RF radiation-emitting devices and are taking steps to change how they use them. Most people are not offered a wired smart meter and you can’t turn it off once it is installed,” the group contends.

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Smart grid opponents have long opposed the gathering of their personal usage information.

Former CIA Director David Petraeus once stated that WiFi-connected devices, such as appliances commonly found inside many homes, will “transform the art of spying.” Petraeus also said that spies will be capable of monitoring Americans without going inside the home or perhaps even acquiring a warrant. He went on to state that remote control radio frequency identification devices, “energy harvesters,” sensor networks, and small embedded severs all connected to an Internet network will be all that is necessary for clandestine intelligence gathering.

The Smart Grid News report said customers surveyed in a recent report supported smart meters.

“Customers were delighted with the initiative as it showed how their new smart meters could work for them,” the website said. “Utility companies wanting to meet their specific conservation targets to drive customer engagement should ensure they are making the most of their smart meter investment. They can now use the power of smart meter data disaggregation to identify the customers who are most likely to help them reach their specific targets and turn them into willing partners in the drive for energy conservation.”

Data disaggregation basically means the automatic collection of personal energy habits of the homes attached to smart meters. The more customers know that is the case, the more they will oppose smart meters.

How do you feel about smart meters and the creation of a smart grid? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. they need to completely remove them and stop the smart grid there are already invading my privacy enough.

  2. we live in a rural area and know many of the linemen. We lost an insulator on our pole a few days ago. I called REMC and the agent said- Yes I saw you were down. We have a truck on the way. so some good out of this monitoring equipment.

  3. Any business, city, politician or individual with ANY responsibility for the installation of any smart meter for which they do not have an ink and paper, signed request from homeowners or business owners who buy electric utilities to install a smart meter should be held personally liable for removing the offending smart meter AND paying the home or business owner a minimum of $500.00 per month for each month the unrequested smart meter has been in service of the property owners building.

    • 24/7 radiating device and we are just supposed to accept it. Our analog meters last a minimum of thirty years. More if Hydro would only tell the truth for a change. The Smart Meter? Five to ten years. Add to that the cost of regular software upgrades. Add to that the new IT Security department required to protect our personal information from hacking. Was monthly reading ever required for the analog meter? Absolutely not. Did many hydro customers phone or email their own meter readings into hydro? Absolutely. As responsible adults do we require a smart meter to teach us how to save hydro energy? Do chickens have lips?

  4. OK, you have been saddled with a smart meter, so what do you do?
    I suggest that you place a shield around the smart meter and attach the shield with a magnet or two.
    attach a wire to it and ground the shielding to the incoming conduit or a ground rod.

    You can easily make a shield yourself. Google search “Smart Meter shields”, follow the instructions. Use wiring instead of glue if you can. Glue tends to break down in cold weather.

    When made and installed properly it will give you over 95% radiation protection.

    The “smart grid” idea is full of flaws, it will take time for “Big Brother” to give up the exercise.

    • they put in a smart metor–and no kidding –i got cancer —-i know it is electricity running amuk–radiation???–I asked not ot have it and they said ”EVERYONE ” is getting it-(((they forced me to have this???)))-who are these people and who do they think or know they are—are we that surrounded by ”people who are doing an agenda on us –agaist our wills—WELL the thing or person that I know is GOd and Jesus Christ—they are in control–and the real GOd–the one with the HOLY SPIRIT>>>will not let them harm or run thier harmfull agends on us much longer….in the meantime—i have to protect myself with shields?????? why???? get i hear about this dirty electricity????? Someone better be truthful and soon….and stop this maddness…

  5. Smart phones provide way more personal information about you than a smart meter. Unless you are willing to give up your phone, stay off the internet, and not collect any government services/assistance then it is impossible for you to be completely private any more. Most utilities will allow you to opt out of a smart meter installment, but you must assume the costs for your meter reading through other venues.

    • Do you leave your cell phone on 24/7 and beside you all night long? That is the scenario with the smart meter. Imagine those living in town house complexes that have banks of smart meters radiatiing 24/7, some in the direction of their sleeping quarters. Bad analogy. Further, with the zigbee chip in new appliances they will be chatting with the smart meter and hydro all of the time.

  6. Smart meters are a UN tool of “sustainable development” aka Agenda 21. Watch Behind The Green Mask by Rose Korie for more info on Agenda 21.

    Radiation from smart meters causes health issues ranging from nausea, vomiting and tinnitus to heart arrhythmia and cancer to name but a few.

    Time to demand an end to smart meters!!!!

  7. Hi
    I don’t care what the hell your trying to find out if you used another frequency an being an radio operator
    you may have had better customer relations, as I for one don’t like living in a microwave an will never have one at my house, an as I said to the wife ill go to jail before it happens or burn the house down as is the common thing around Yarram
    Thanks Mike

  8. We had the smart meter for two months and our bill went up $120a a month in winter, when we heat with wood.So we had it removed.But I am sure the police state will want it reinstalled one day.I refuse to have the meter sit twenty feet from where I sleep every night emitting who knows what.At least in CA you can still opt out of the smart meter program….

  9. Here in Maine I am able to opt out of the smart meter program but I have to pay extra every month for the privilege!

  10. Wow, this piece of writing is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing such
    things, so I am going to inform her.

  11. Smart meters are dangerous. Why just the other day one jumped off a neighbors house and killed me.

    • Don’t be an idiot. This isn’t funny. Shill much?

    • Smart meters spawn radiation, kill babies and spy on you in the bedroom. They’re known to contribute to the heartbreak of psoriasis as well as negate the benefits of flossing.

      You can fix this by buying a special foil wrap from the owners of this website.

      Do it. It’s for the children.

  12. In restoring our sovereignty everyone needs to go to: Since One People’s Public Trust has foreclosed on all corporations worldwide, there must be a way to get our electric companies to pay us. Check it out!

  13. The utility in my area uses the smart meter to regulate voltage during high heat advisories. They cycle air conditionerskeeping you hot, with no control of your own appliances, especially older models that are more sensitive to voltage fluctuation. they’ve done nothing to lower utility costs for me… I’m having mine removed , if the bills going to be the same at least I would like to control how my appliances are used

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