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Has Illinois Become A Police State? With Terry Ingram – Episode 103

A beekeeper of 58 years wants to know how an unelected state agency, which appears to answer to no one, can come in and destroy years of research, equipment, and bees without due process and even without a search warrant. Has recent loose interpretations of the Constitution and the power of the federal government spilled over into state governments, who now think they can act with impunity and shut down any business that happens to question an agency’s validity, credentials, or findings? Is the era of big bully government upon us? Those are the questions in Illinois right now, and Terrence Ingram would like them answered.

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Please join Bill Heid and Terry Ingram on today’s Off the Grid Radio program as they discuss this latest atrocity of Illinois state government officials. Bill has personally done business with Terry since the early 80s, and this is a matter that strikes close to home. As Terry Ingram asked the Prairie Advocate, “Is Illinois a police state, where citizens do not have rights?”

In this episode:

  • How Round-up destroys bee colonies
  • How years of research, equipment, and bees were taken without due process or a search warrant
  • How complaining about a government agency can get your whole operation shut down
  • The truth about the disease American foul brood… and the difference between it and “chilled brood”
  • And more…
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  1. The link to listen to the hour long program had nothing whatsoever to do with the bee keeper story. This is very disapointing as I spent an hour waiting to listen about the beekeeper. Would you please make some changes to address that?

  2. There’s a different topic and guest from what was shown here. What’s going on?

  3. Thanks to you two for your comments. I had listened to half of it waiting for the bee stuff to come on before I read comments. So now I’ll go on my way back to work. Mistakes do happen. We all make them.

  4. I live in Illinois, and really wanted to hear this story, I hope it will be fixed soon, I can tell you that complaining to your village about a landlord’s favorite hoarder tenant, causing said landlord to get fines due to the unsafe environment a hoarder poses to other tenants of an apartment building will get you evicted, I know this first hand. In May of last year, I asked my landlord to have the hoarder below me clean his hoard off the back stairs so I could hold a graduation party in the back yard with some elderly guests, who would need to get up and down the stairs. My landlord told me he’s tried and gives up, and said I should do what I need to do. So I called the Village, they came out, saw the mess, fined the landlord for allowing it to happen, and by October I was evicted. I thought I would get my day in court, and explain to the Judge what happened and that my landlord refused to accept any rent from me from June to Sept (when the court date was). I was sadly mistaken, as I have never been evicted before it was not explained to me that I had to pay a fee to be able contest the eviction, which I did not do as I did not know I was supposed to do it. When I tried to tell my story the Judge said he did not want to hear it and gave me 30 days to leave my home. So I can state with a clear conscience that Illinois does not care about it’s residents, only the money it can make off of them.

  5. Give someone a little power! I am questioning on all these “food police” articles..where is Mr. Obama’s interest in out of control power used over the “little people”? He gives great speaches..but he has never addressed these food police atrocities…this IS political..where is the constitution? Not only has Obama kept the overreaching Homeland Security act..but has even added more POWER to it! And how does a terrorism protection act allow local agencies to do away with our constitutional rights? Hmmmmmmmm?

  6. PS…the link is working fine right now..just listened to the whole thing…

  7. You people need to be home at all times and video ready to shove in these over paid government thugs. Remember you pay their entire wage in one way or another. They only know one way; obey then coast to a pension. You are doing things their way, with their laws. That’s your land now defend it. That’s what i want to read. Live stream this shit on video when they come back. You need video on what they are doing not what you said they did.

  8. My deep sympathies to the beekeeper. I am outraged by these crimes of tyranny, trespass, theft, and vandalism committed by Illinois tyrants. I want justice done. I am glad that justice will be done some day in the future, when God judges everyone. These creeps will not get away with what they have done. But we have a responsibility to fight here and now for justice and freedom, pledging our very lives, our fortunes, and our honor, until we get it. Our government needs an overhaul, and it is up to us to make it happen.

  9. What the hell…………….how can someone qualify as an “Inspector” with no training? That’s totally crazy.

    • Suzie Queu

      Whats wrong with that? We have a Community Organizer running the country, why should anyone else need to be qualified to do their job?

  10. He made his first mistake by contacting the government. You should never open a can of worms and that is stating it mildly (he opened up a keg of snakes).

  11. “Is the era of big bully government upon us?” Yes, the government, at all levels, clearly has pounced upon the public. Whether federal or local, nearly all local bureaus have become federalized through grants from the feds to run certain operations within the states. Most states have money coming from the feds, thus, they feel that they should be subservient to this power. Most of the money from the fed often require to state to put up its own money on programs, and the feds will often stop funding the operation, yet, require the state keep funding (unfunded mandates). Please see Farmagedon for more information.

    The bottom-line is that we the people must stand up to the federal goon squads. We should be fighting to ween our state and local governments off of the federal tit.

  12. Sounds like the folks getting prosecuted for raising pigs in another state !

  13. All the states have fallen for this same trick that the governments think they know better. Well, the American people have some responsibility too this, we have set back and didn’t care what the government done as long as they done the job we hired them to do. Our biggest mistake was ‘Trust’ but now it is a fellony to complain or diminstrate to the government for our disaproval. Remember the movie Frankinstine, when the villiagers got sticks, clubs and torches and went after the monster? I think that is what it is coming to, is going after these law breakers in groups and giving them a “attitude adjustment” they have forgotten whom they are working for and if it takes a baseball batt the straighten this mess, then that is what we will have to do! We have to get our country back or we will be looking at it through a barbed wire fence.

  14. You have to ask, “Has Illinois become a police state?”
    This is the state of Chicago, where President Obama worked.
    The state does not respect the Constitution of the United States with regard to rights that are specifically listed, being greater in their violations of the Second Amendment than almost all States.
    And you expect them to respect bee keepers?
    It sounds like the bee inspectors are hired by the federal not state government.
    Try complaining to Obama’s federal government that they are not respecting the citizens generally.

  15. It’s painfully obvious, that the state of Illinois is taking their orders, and their MONEY, from Monsanto. This is nothing more than Mafia thuggery. A pox upon them all.

  16. Sounds like the government of Illinois has friends in Connect6icut. We are under police state and know one will step up to the plate and say so. you can not believe what the First Selectman of Sprague, CT did to me when I started up a non profit to fund libraries. ICK! I can not stand the direction our government has turned. I thought I lived in the Conctitution State. Aparently it is the State of Fascism, where the local goverment has control of who and what starts small businesses. I am so frustrated reading this kind of stuff. Please keep us posted for the outcome of this nonsense. I hope this comes full circled and the State of Illinois is stung in its beehind! So sad…15yrs of study ruined. What’s next a chip in our minds to see what we are thinking?

  17. This is tyranny. What are they doing about it? When are we going to stop letting these illegitimate government agencies steal our rights? When we wind up in fema camps? That slimebag obungle has appointed monsanto scumbags in our government office positions. There is no justice in this country.

  18. Your lobbyist form of government in action!

  19. This man should be on the Alex Jones Show & Natural News. Perhaps one of those people would really be able to help him.
    I wish him every bit of success in the world.

  20. This man is lying. This man was caught spreading a devastating disease throughout the state- thereby infecting a lot of honeybees and duping a lot of people. Beekeepers are not siding with him. Looks like he is trying to CYA himself. His 58 years means he is a beligerent old codger- that is all.

  21. This is insane!!! Why would this be allowed by our government??? In ANY form?

  22. This is insane! We have to find out more information on this! The government must have someone that they have to answer to!!!

  23. This man needs to get some high power on his side to fight this. I know there’s people out there that can back him up. I feel sorry for this guy.

  24. This is what happens when corporations are allowed to take over and dictate to the state. This same thing is the cause of our economic woes. De-regulation, liberalization and privatization of the state is going to continue to destroy America while shifting billions of dollars to a few hoarders at the top. This policy was put in place and pushed forward by Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, Alan Greenspan…..the same guys Obama thinks can get us out of this mess. Corporations do not care where their consumers or their workers come from. Corporations will continue to move jobs and manufacturing over seas because the labor is cheaper and consumption remains the same. They then hide their money in off-shore accounts and do not pay taxes, further undermining our economy. As the country spirals down into the economic dumpster, people will grow increasingly discontented, which is why they are increasing top-down control. People who think Obama wants to rebuild America are right, but he doesn’t not want to rebuild it as a democracy but wants to rebuild it with top-down, tight, corporate controls where most of the population work to enrich the few. Romney is most likely cut from the same cloth, but the corporate and Wall Street elite will not allow someone who will not cater to them to sit in the White House. This is what Terry is experiencing: corporate control of the government. You can’t ding the makers of Round-up because proving a causal relationship between the loss of bees/honey and their product and NOT be punished. This is not allowed. Anyone wanting a good tutorial on what is happening should watch Dr. Seuss’s Lorax. The ruse is “sustainability”, the end result is anything but sustainable.

  25. Folks this is something called United Nations agenda 21 which seeks to move all people from all wilderness&rural areas, small towns into cities! Agenda 21 seekd to end all family&independent farmers “out of business”! They plan to cause food shortages&in the long run even backyard gardens&fruit-trees will be banned! Agenda 21 calls for no private food! The stste will feed you a vegetarian diet&most likely in the long run a “vegan” vegetarian diet! You will be fed in a public cafeteria&restricted to a certain daily caloric ration! It looks like they want a permanent hunger/malnourishment situation!BTW UN agenda calls for a post industrial/post modern world with a 90% population reduction! Also in 1946 in Athens Tennessee 200 plus armed folk rose up against a corrupt local police&local government&were justified in doing this after 10 years of being ignored by Nashville&Washington DC!!!

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