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4 Hot New Concealed Carry Revolvers For 2017

4 Hot New Concealed Carry Revolvers For 2017

Revolvers have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity the past few years and have earned a place in the everyday carry category, especially when considering the reliability and concealability of some models.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most talked-about models that made their debut at this year’s Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas.

1. Colt Cobra

Colt has brought back a classic from the past with the Cobra, a six-shot, 38 special stainless steel revolver that has been redesigned. Colt opened up the trigger guard and straightened out the trigger, which allows for less knuckle impact on the trigger guard, a problem not uncommon on the original Cobra. All Colt revolver cylinders rotate counter-clockwise, which the company says creates a better lockup and consistency in the frame.

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A fiber optic front sight now comes standard, with night sights optional. This nice double-action revolver is offered in a two-inch barrel with a Colt rubberized grip. It’s rated for Plus P ammo. It’s worth a look for anyone considering a revolver for everyday carry. MSRP is $699.

2. S&W 986 Performance Center 9mm

At SHOT Show range day, I was able to handle and shoot Smith & Wesson’s new Performance Center 9mm revolver, which boasts an L-frame, 2.5-inch barrel and is new for 2017. It is a double/single action, seven-shot revolver (moon clips required) with a titanium, non-fluted cylinder and trigger over-travel stop. Other features include a red ramp front sight and adjustable rear sight. Grips are custom wood. The revolver weighs about 32 ounces, unloaded. This new release from Smith &Wesson is an attractive handgun and is easy to shoot, with a nice crisp trigger. It could certainly be a consideration for everyday carry. MSRP is $1,129.

3. Ruger GP100 44 Special

I was fortunate to shoot the new Ruger GP100 offered in 44 Special last fall in Florida, and handled it again at the 2017 SHOT Show. The new Ruger double-action wheelgun has a 3-inch barrel with a fiber optic insert front sight and adjustable rear sight. A stout handgun, the 44 Special is offered in stainless steel and a five-shot cylinder. The 44 Special is a new caliber offering in the classic GP100, a revival of a once-common cartridge. It comes with a Hogue Monogrip, which allows for good purchase when firing. For those wanting a historic cartridge that’s a bit easier in the recoil department and on your pocketbook as compared to the 44 Magnum, take a look at this new Ruger GP100. MSRP is $829.

4. Kimber K6S Stainless

Kimber introduced the K6S 357 revolver in 2016 with a single model. In 2017 they have four new variations of the K6S, primarily with different sight options to include a fiber optic sight and crimson trace grip version. Rear sights on the K6S can be drifted for windage adjustment. This 2-inch barrel, 38 Special/357 Magnum double-action-only revolver is built with concealed carry in mind. It has the flattest design (1.39 inches wide) on the market for a revolver and still allows for 6 shots instead of the more common 5 shot snub-nose models. Some gun experts claim the K6S has the best factory trigger on the market. At 23 ounces, the K6S is comparable in weight to other revolvers in its class and comes with a speed strip when purchased. This is a revolver worthy of serious consideration if you choose to carry a revolver daily. MSRP starts at $899 in the K6S series.

Revolvers are far from being a gun of the past for everyday carry, and in fact may be a better choice for some folks. They are simple to use and rarely have any operational issues. If you don’t own a revolver or have never tried one, you might be missing something worth considering.

Do you own a revolver? Which revolver is your favorite? Share your tips in the section below:

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  1. That .44 Special sounds like a real good idea. I have a Gen I Charter Arms Bulldog that is a favorite. Small and light, the 1st round up with CCI snake shot, the remaining four with HPs, its a winner in my book.

  2. I’m kinda excited about that new colt, I’ve always been a fan of their revolvers cuz I grew up with my dad’s Trooper mark3. But I like almost any revolver that works reliably (had mixed experiences with the Tauruses… not a fan). In my less than humble opinion, a revolver is the best ccw you can choose, cuz you can load ‘er up full, jam it in your nasty sock for the next 5 years, and not worry about how (if?) it’ll work when you need it

  3. I have a small American Arms Sidewinder 22 magnum pistol with a 2 1/2 inch barrel I carry that I like very much. It is small enough to carry in a glasses case in my pocket and no one ever knows I am carrying.
    After I retired as a police officer I worked in surgery as a surgical technologist in Kansas City. While working in surgery, I observed first hand the destructive power of the lowly 22 magnum round. In my observation it is more destructive of tissue than is a 38special or a 32 or even a round nose 9mm. It really does the job. Usually the bullet breaks up into pieces and tumbles inside the tissue for a time.
    The 22 magnum American Arms Sidewinder pistol has a push out cylinder like a regular revolver and a push lever ejector that ejects all the spent rounds with one push. It is very light, very easy to carry, loads and ejects quickly and easily, and is easy to conceal. As I said I carry mine in a plastic case made to carry glasses in our shirt pocket. A real surprise to the lawless scumbag who desires to hurt you.

  4. My (wife’s) SP101 is a FANTASTIC revolver IF you don’t mind the ‘ok’ sights. Stainless, .357 (38 Spl) and you’re set for full power defensive rounds and training/target on the flip-side. Can’t believe it’s NOT on the list. As Ruger must only produce only so many in a run, I would assume (haven’t really heard) that’s why they are a BEST KEPT secret…

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