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Thanks for thinking of us. Happy to work with you on a guest post if it’s a nice fit.

Some thoughts though… Seems like it takes a combination of efforts to get results these days in our market. (the market has changed considerably as you know.)

So here goes… First…


MOZ authority ranking of 65!

Off-The-Grid News has MOZ authority ranking of 65 which means we have a very nice leadership position in the niche. We have a 71 ranking with Search Engine News – showing we have over 3 million backlinks with around 25,000 referring sites.  (Lots of .edu and even .gov links as well.)

Currently about 1.2 million visitors a month. Not to mention 10,000 self-reliance and off-the-grid articles. So…

Happy to work with you and even guarantee results.




If you want to do a simple $250 Post/Investment:

Can do a simple guest blog or article (pending approval of course) featuring an article about your product/service and 1 picture. (And give you a banner on Off-The-Grid News for 48 hours if you like)


If you want to do a $500 Post/Investment:

Can do $500.00 on a “guest blog” and give you an “enhanced” post. We will SEO the article and get you a lot of high quality links along with the post exposure.  (over 50 links but maybe over 100) Here’s why this has additional value well beyond the $500.00 …

I will also create a “24-hour banner” for you on Off-The-Grid News and Steve Quayle’s site – pointing to your article or post. The numbers will be very large if we do this right.  Or…

Get a little more bang for the buck…


If you want to do a $1000.00 Post/Investment:

I will do all of the $500 deal stuff, but also make your post the featured post in our newsletter (emailed to over 100,000). Important:Our dedicate email rate is $3000-4000 and up…  per non-endorsed, dedicated send the Off-The-Grid list. So this is a pretty nice value.

It’s important to note that over 90 percent of our list is actually buyers … not free-report emails and the like.) Hope that makes sense.

Get a little more bang for the buck…


If you want to do $3000 Post/Investment

This ends up being a little more like a partnership between us:  I will do a 30-minute “infomercial” interview for you. Yep. Here’s what I mean by that. Interview you or your spokesperson on our Off-The Grid podcast, stopping at least three or four times in the interview to tell them about your site (then email the podcast to our list of over 100,000) making you the “expert” go to person, etc. We will also SEO the podcast as well as make your post the featured post/article on Off-The-Grid News.


  1. Guest post
  2. Post Enhancement
  3. Featured Status of the post
  4. Banners on Off The grid news and Quyale
  5. Email your guest post to 100,000 on our buyer list
  6. Radio infomercial – SEO radio show – then email radio show to 100,000

My guess is that all this is worth a lot. Heck, maybe $10,000 -$15,000 if you have your act together and everything ready on your site for new traffic.


If You want to do a $5000 Post/Investment

I’ll do all of the above and have a great “influencer” do a rave review video for your product, service and site.  (2- 3 minutes) which we will post and embed in the article. As I said… this along with all the above.  Lots of fun here.



Also, happy to guarantee your success and your investment on any of the above packages. I doubt anyone else will do this – but I know that I can get your results if we “enhance” and hit it from a few different angles.

I’m a business person too and have been in this business for a while. In fact, the guys at Survival Life , last time I was in their office gave me credit for starting the self-reliance business way back in 2006. Not sure that’s totally true… but felt it was a nice compliment.  Many direct marketing people know Gary Halbert. I was Gary’s business partner and wrote for him for a decade (under his name) so I’m pretty good on the marketing side and can even help with copy if you need it. (that’s a different charge of course)

Here’s one for you… one my emails a while back… brought in over $800,000 dollars in 48 hours. If we talk sometime… I’ll tell you about it and explain the sequence. But that was a while back. Different market today … although basic marketing rules are at play. But that why I said that it takes a combination of efforts to get results these days. (sorry about the digression, geeezz, talk about rambling)

Please understand … I can’t do this for just anyone. Know that sounds kind of like a pitch, but it’s true…  Especially if we do a radio interview. Your product has to be what you say it is… and … You have to know your stuff. Your product/site has to be the “cat’s pajamas,” or we shouldn’t do the deal. You know the drill.

OK … Last caveat/reminder … I would have to approve the product and the post of course.

Not to worry there though, I’m sure we can put our heads together and make it work. Lastly…

We can chat if you like, but like you, I’m pretty busy and we’d have to schedule a few days in advance.


All The Best,

Bill Heid

[email protected]


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