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letters to the editor

An Appreciation For Eskimo Survival Skills

Today I had to go outside to get something and it was only -20 so I just threw on my boots and a jacket, no gloves or warm pants. Thought I was only going to be outside about 10 minutes or so.

I was only outside for 5 minutes when my hands and face started to ache with the cold. I pushed through the pain and finished the task I’d come outside to do, but I suffered for my haste and lack of preparation.

When I got back inside, I hurt all over and had to lie down for about 10 minutes before the pain was gone. Bottom line is that cold can kill you and the only difference between 0 degrees and -20 is that it will definitely kill you faster. You’ve got to give these people a lot of credit for learning how to live in conditions that are almost beyond human endurance.



I’m an Alaskan Native, and a lot of what you post here, we still do! I’m not from near the coast, but I know people that are and they still hunt seal and the one time I was at a coastal village, someone got a beluga whale, so a lot of people from the village went to go get some of the whale.

Thanks for writing this up, and I’m really impressed at how accurate this is (still to this day).




  1. Hello there,

    I’m a journalist with Barcroft Media, an international press and TV production agency.

    I’m sure you get a lot of requests for this sort of thing – but it would be great if you were able to help,

    We make TV shows for Nat Geo and Discovery and are looking for new off-the-grid talent to work with us on a one of documentary about living off the land.

    I’m looking for someone who lives in a visually interesting place like forest / mountains and lives off the grid there.

    If there’s anyway you could point me in the right direction – that would be great.

    Many thanks,
    John Balson
    347 369 6777

    • I just finished writing two books on our over 25 years of off-grid living. We are using the books to raise money for a library for kids in the town closest to us: Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador, South America. These books are unique in that they are focused on empowering the reader for off-grind living as opposed to “How To” in a manual framework.

  2. Is there someone you could suggest who would have knowledge about my questions?
    I’ am a widow living in suburban Chicago and wish I could move to some place isolated but I can’t., so I need a huge container for potable water (saw a pair that totals 365 gal), some type of generator (does the gas delivered by piping into my home for stove and dryer still run after an EMP otherwise battrey or solar because I ca’t haul gas without a car), some sort of heat for Chicago winters, and even an inhouse cook stove. And is there some sort of product that takes care of the human waste that the power outage interrupts?

    Could you please suggest some options?

    • Hi! I’m a 60 yr old woman living in the suburbs of Olympia, WA. Here’s a little info. First, there are composting toilets
      I haven’t researched it yet. Better than a pit toilet, but can’t count it out. For water there are large tanks; the ones I’m looking at are about $2,000 for a 2,000 gal tank installed. It’s hard to say about your heating gas- I’m guessing it would be off. I decided to not count on it and plan to buy a cook stove. I bought a bunch of green gas canisters when they were on sale. If nothing else they are great barter items. Water filtration is essential. I got a lifestraw personal filter. It’s a small start. I went to the dollar store and got all kinds of useful stuff. Harbor Freight is a discount hardware store and I got some very useful items: tarps, rope, a rain suit, firestarter flint. Duct tape, batteries of all kinds, flashlights, a shovel, saw and ax. I get a lot of good ideas watching videos on YouTube. Good luck and stay safe! Playing cards, candles, paper and pen, dice…

  3. The last sentence on 15 vital things pioneers stock piled; wood piled like a breast plate against attacks from Native Americans. Did you find this as Vital information. Indians killing pioneers. Unfair and historically inaccurate. I’m disappointed to read that. I’ve been sharing your news letters for years.
    Good bye

  4. may 2 2017 I don’t claim to be a survivalist expert but I have lived in the woods my entire life. I also am an ex veitnam green beret. I know people living off the grid that think that in itself would insure their survival in case of a national loss of electricity. Living poorley won,t help you if when shf occurs if you are depending on fuel for your truck or atv to fetch water or food because there will not be any fuel station open or groceries to be bought. A two or three week stint with out electricity is only a burp, done did that .people need to thinking of at least a year.

  5. when I was 18 I went through hurricane camel being in a rural area we were out of power and running water for about 3 weeks. when hurricane katrina hit I had to go rescue family members in the devastation. in the mountainos region of the Ozarks after an ice storm I was again out of power and running water for about three observation was in each area the people reacted deferently. the more populated the area the more people seem to panic. choose your retreat wisely, what is the mind set of the people in that area? another observation I know of a southern swamp that I loved to canoe .once you got there you were not likely see another human. a few years past and I returned to my beloved prestine swamp. me and my son camped out inticipating the opening of squirrel season the next morning.all night we heard vehicles and motor boats .the next morning at daybreak we discovered we had awoken in a city. people from a city and elsewhere had arrived. we even found a dead snake we half heartley joked had been trampled to death. the point being that bug out location you may have in mind may not be what you think it will be.

  6. if you don,t want to post this I understand. but today I received some startling news that might effect all your readers and crash this web site. I encourage everyone to try to pull up and watch lou dobbs on fox news enterview the united states,man from the E.M.P. commission. it broadcast may 12, 2017.a quick summery is North Korea already has several satillites orbiting the earth. The possibility they contain atomic bombs that would cause an E.M.P. is real. the atomic bombs that they claim North Korea doesn,t have yet, is different than the type of nukler explosion for an E.M.P. We may all be off the grid soon.

  7. Brett and Nicole Feldman

    My name is Brett Feldman. I’m a post 9/11 disabled combat veteran, and a proud husband and father of two young girls. My wife and I need help finally getting justice for our family especially our children who are being terribly violated by a agency abusing their power to punish us for speaking out about the misconduct and fraudulent actions coming out of this agency.

    In June of 2015, Hamilton county JFS took our girls from my wife and I without just cause or warning. We later found out that my birth mother used her direct connections she secured with Child Protective Services, local GAL’s, and county Juvenile Court Magistrates, to illegaly remove my children out of my wife’s and my care. She used her “special interest friends” she aquired while working as a local CASA to wrongfully take our kids from our care and place them in her care. Me and my wife never saw eye to eye with my mother so we didn’t let her spend much time with my kids, but I never expected this corrupt forced separation of my innocent family.

    Hamilton County JFS used false abuse allegations to justify kidnapping our kids, that were later unsubstantiated. Our caseworker made several attempts to coerce and threatened us with our kids when we did not agree with her out of home safety plan. When we refused to give our kids to her willingly she showed up at our home with police and ripped our girls away kicking and screaming. I asked for a court order that gives them permission to enter my home and take my kids, and they told me they didn’t need one. I know my rights and my wife and I have clearly had our parental rights violated. We have since been to court several times just to watch cps caseworker’s and the local county magistrate decide our girls fate behind closed doors without justification for us. My wife and I are great parents, we have no criminal history, have never abused drugs or alcohol and we keep a clean comfortable home. Its obvious to my wife and I that this is retaliation against us. Our poor kids are desperate to come home, and being forced to separate from us is affecting their physical, mental, and emotional state. We have tried to reach out to countless attorneys to help us end this terrible injustice but the moment we mention that we are fighting against Hamilton county jfs, they say they can’t help us. We are desperate to find the right person who has the power to standup to this corrupt click that protects each others jobs, and coworkers, rather than the rights of children and loving families. My kids are suffering, and are paying the price for the lack of law and order. We know our constitutional, and parental rights have been violated. We need a powerful voice to demand justice for our family and others going through the same injustice.

    We have since filled a Lawsuit in federal court with the hope that this will end this illegal and corrupt injustice and reunite our family. But also to make sure that everyone that played a part in this kidnapping will never have an opportunity to do it again.

    But these county agency’s think that they are immune from prosicution andlitigation, they have been allowed the awesome power to control families and this power is being abused and families are being destroyed, kids are being abused by the agency that’s set in place to protect them. This has to change I’m a Disabled Combat Veteran, I served my country honorably, I fought to protect the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, just to come home and have my own freedom stripped away from me, and my family intentionally targeted and destroyed. It’s been 2 years since my kids where taken from us. And we are still being bullied and violated everyday. This has to change!!


    Brett & Nicole Feldman 513-646-9654

  8. Hello,

    I’ve stumbled upon your website and decided to choose it as a platform to publish my article thus contributing to your resource. I was wondering if you would agree on that. Please reply to me soon. I’ll be happy to discuss any further details!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  9. I have been on again off again with my website, leaving it unattended while I complete freelance writings. I at one time was a publisher and editor of a business and government magazine(s).

    I’ve recently begun laying out a Survival Gene digital magazine. I ran across Pat B’s article entitled “Is Prepping Biblical?”

    I’d like to run the article in the magazine under author’s name, submitted by Off-the-Grid and word- for- word. I will lay it out and send you a copy for approval before publishing.

    May I have your permission?

  10. Your article about using natural materials to cure and prevent kidney stones caught my attention, as I have had several stones in the past and underwent ultrasound lithotripsy 3 or 4 times. It even took 2 ultrasound lithotripsy treatments to break up one stubborn staghorn stone. Needless to say, I really want to avoid getting any more stones. Although not a “natural” or “herbal” solution, I have been taking 3 x 225 mg Magnesium citrate tablets in 2 doses each day for about 4 years, along with drinking plenty of water, and haven’t had any stones during that time. I think that this is a “double whammy” treatment. The Magnesium, which I suspect forms a softer or more soluble oxalate compound, competes with the Calcium to link up with the oxalate in the kidneys. (It is also an essential mineral that is involved in many critical body processes, but, unfortunately, many people are deficient in it.) The Citrate complexes with the Calcium, helping keep it in a more soluble form that will not form hard stones. If you have a tendency to form Calcium-type kidney stones, I recommend that you discuss this treatment with a good alternative medicine practitioner or possibly with an open-minded urologist. Hope this information helps you to stop getting kidney stones.

    I hope that some medical school will investigate Magnesium citrate as a cheap and healthy alternative treatment to both prevent kidney stones and to contribute to better health, including (along with Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 menaquinone form, Boron, and Strontium) for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

  11. I remember you article on Salt Cures. I’m 65 years old. When I was a preteen I went barefoot all summer. My brother and I stepped on numerous rusty nails. No tetnus shot. Mama would notice a limp and find a scarlet line of infection going up my leg . She poured salt into hot water and soaked my foot in. You could see the line go down my leg. Salt sucked the infection out. This is the pure truth. Salt cures. James

  12. How do I subscribe to your podcasts please ?

    We are in Australia and expecting Gods rath after the same sex marrage vote. Will supply further details later if you wish.

  13. how do I contact someone with a question about problems I am having with your system ???

  14. I got one for you, I live on a farm, someone just stole all my stuff, 500 rolls barbwire, smooth and game fence, 1000 posts sitting in a pile. I have $200,000 miscellenous insurance on my policy, but my agent does not want to cover it, what gives?

  15. There’s some good You Tube videos on building outdoor shelters, fire pits and cooking. lots of how to stuff. Best is sheltering in place if possible. If you run you expose yourself to people who wanna take your stuff. make a rain water catch. Use dish/wash/river or lake, water to flush toilet. Just fill tank. Use outside grill. No charcoal? wood. Store water in old milk jugs. Rince out good hot water. One drop of bleach.

  16. I enjoyed reading Off The Grid. It reminds me of the old PenneySaver, that used to be in circulation every Monday. I hope you continue with this. I will look forward to future issues Thank got. 👍

  17. So you are trying to blame the Chinese for WW111! which was started by our elites on 9/11 and the Gulf War! .

  18. I’m confused! Am I supposed to comment on the short post about the survival skills of inuits, in which case I have built and spent a night in an igloo in -22 conditions in the Bavarian mountains, not a pleasant experience but one I survived! Or… do I ask a forlorn question to the editor about the possibility of posting an article? There! Done both!! Look forward to your reply….

  19. christopher lane blankenship

    Hi, living In the country my entire life I stumbled across a set of books that I would say are the most comprehensive books on long term off grid living ever made. they are called the fox fire books. they were made by a school group who went around the appalachian mountains in the 60s and talked to the older generation who( many were still living in the same manner as they had since the 1800s.) these books cover the entire way they lived from food production to building with no outside materials and. there is also sections on medical plants and wild edible plants of that region and how and when they were harvested. the one big positive thing is about these books is these methods were tried and tested. so we know for a fact they work. these books if you cannot find them used can be found at the foxfire museum store online. these books were based on information from the applachian region but most of the info can be used anywhere (except maybe the regional plants ).

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