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Surviving Winter In Alaska At -50

Living off-grid during winter is never easy, but when you’re in the Alaskan bush and facing temperatures of -50 degrees Fahrenheit, it can get downright dangerous.

That’s the life of Danny Whittle and SueJean Heinz, a married couple who live in Alaska and who have stories of survival many of us only see on television. They are this week’s guests on Off The Grid Radio, as they tell us what it’s like to battle Old Man Winter during a season when they get only about four hours of sunshine.

Danny and SueJean also tell us:

  • How they survived when their water pipes froze.
  • How they use snow to keep their house warm.
  • How they cook when it’s too cold to use propane.
  • How they use a pellet stove to complement their wood stove.

Danny and SueJean also share stories of Alaska wildlife, including what they did when a bear showed up on their doorstep one day. Finally, they give advice to anyone who has dreams of moving to Alaska!

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