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CPS Seizes Newborn From Rape Victim At Hospital — ‘Treated Worse Than The Criminal’

CPS Steals Newborn From Rape Victim At Hospital -- 'Treated Worse Than The Criminal'

Witnesses claim that police and social workers took a newborn baby away from his young mother while she was still in the hospital and breastfeeding, without giving a sufficient reason. The case is controversial because the mother was a 14-year-old rape victim who had rejected an abortion.

Even worse, the child’s purported father — the alleged rapist — was allowed to see the baby, Health Impact News and reported. As is standard protocol, DHR – Alabama’s version of CPS — has refused to comment on the allegations.

The case is unique because reporter Terri LaPoint of Health Impact News and Juda Myers of the pro-life group Choices4Life were at the hospital and watched the removal.

“Juda Myers and I were there to witness the trampling of every Constitutional and moral right of this young mother, and we are shocked and devastated at what we saw,” LaPoint wrote of the June 15 incident.

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The case is still under investigation. The suspected rapist, Samuel Woods II, was charged with second-degree rape on June 17, according to records from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. Woods is currently free on $30,000 bail. Woods is 19 and considered an adult; the mother is 14, and considered a juvenile under state law.

No History of Drugs or Alcohol

LaPoint claims the baby was taken away without a court order, a warrant and no sign of danger or neglect. Three Alabaster police officers were allegedly accompanying the DHR employees who took the baby, Braelon, away.

“By all accounts of the nursing and medical staff, the young mother was doing an amazing job of mothering her baby son Braelon,” LaPoint wrote. “She loves and adores her baby. Even though he was conceived in rape, it is clear that this is HER baby.”

The mother had become a hero to pro-lifers because she had refused to abort Braelon. She lives with her custodial grandparents, and she had a place set up at the home, complete with a bassinet, for the baby.

The mother has no history of drug or alcohol abuse, Health Impact News reported.

“There was no reason given” for the removal, LaPoint wrote.

Earlier during the hospital stay, everything seemed to be going well.

CPS Steals Newborn From Rape Victim At Hospital -- 'Treated Worse Than The Criminal'

The young mom, after CPS took her baby.

“We were told by nurses, the nurse-practitioner, and the hospital social worker that mom and baby could go home as soon as the visit from the social worker happened,” LaPoint wrote. “They thought they would go home by lunchtime. Juda got her flight booked to return to her home in Texas for that evening. We all thought we were just waiting for the formality, because that is what we were repeatedly told. Mom and baby were completely healthy, with no medical issues.”

But soon it became obvious that the mother and baby could not leave, and when a DHR representative arrived at the hospital, the situation became worse.

“Despite numerous attempts by the family to learn what DHR’s concerns were, all they were told was ‘policy’ and ‘protocol’ and that things needed to be ‘assessed,’” LaPoint wrote. “We asked for a copy of the protocols to which they referred, but none was given or cited.”

At one point, a nurse came into the room and asked to take the baby to the nursery to remove the alarm band and “to check vital signs.” When the family replied that all of that could be done in the room, the nurse threw up her hands in frustration and left, LaPoint reported.

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Soon thereafter, three police officers accompanied DHR representatives to take the baby.

Later, the family was told there were “safety concerns.”

“There was clearly no evidence of abuse or neglect, which is required by Alabama state law for seizure of a child,” LaPoint wrote. “For a law enforcement officer to seize a child from their parents without a warrant, a child must be in ‘imminent danger,’ meaning the child’s life is in danger and there is no time to get a warrant from a judge and conduct a proper investigation. The child was just born, and was in the hospital where he could not leave, so how could that condition possibly be met for a warrant-less seizure?”

Said Myers, “I see this over and over, where the victim is treated worse than the criminal for loving her rape-conceived baby, because society believes that these children are a reminder of the rape. But one mother said, ‘A man stole my body, and society is trying to steal my baby.’”

LaPoint said she understands why people will reply, “There must be more to this story.”

“Yes, in all of these medical kidnapping stories, there is always ‘more.’ But what we strive to do at Health Impact News is stick to the facts. The facts in this particular story are based on eyewitness accounts who were present at the hospital on the day this event occurred,” she wrote.

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