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Fear Of Guns Now Being Taught And Officially Propagandized In Public Schools

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fear of guns

Parents may now find the fear of guns in their child’s public school curriculum.

The fear of guns will be on the fourth-grade curriculum if some Colorado Board of Education members get their way.

“Explain the potential dangers of having weapons at home, in school, and in the community” is a controversial line contained within new health standards for Colorado fourth graders. Not surprisingly, the standards generated controversy at a June 13 meeting of the Colorado Board of Education.

Moreover, the standards included conflict-resolution techniques, alternatives to violence, and promotion of violence-free relationships, The Denver Post reported. Ironically, the section on weapons generated conflict between liberals and conservatives on the board.

Do The Standards Contain A Bias Against Guns?

“I didn’t like the language,” board member Debora Scheffel (R-Parker) admitted. “It talked merely about the negative impact. Obviously, we’ve had horrific school shootings and terrible things happening, but I do think we shouldn’t have biased language in here that doesn’t recognize that also self-defense is an important aspect.”

“They don’t need to be taught about positive aspects of guns in the household,” Tay Anderson, the president of a gun-control group called Never Again Colorado, said. “They should be taught math, science, social studies, arts.”

Anderson and Democrats on the board objected to a line in the standards. The line said, “How can the use of guns and other weapons be positive?” Lawmakers had added this line as a result of objections by conservatives.

The standards still created unease on both sides of the aisle, even with the new line.

“I believe our document as it’s written puts fear in classrooms,” Board Member Joe Rankin (R-Carbondale) noted. “I heard it today, and I’ve heard it from teachers — the fear. We need to make children feel safe, and talking about dangers and negative things will only bring more fear into the classroom.”

Fear Of Guns Coming To Elementary Schools

Despite Rankin’s objections, the Board approved the standards, which will serve as teaching guidelines in Colorado’s 1,091 public elementary schools.

In conclusion, events in Colorado show that the debate over gun control and the Second Amendment might be coming to your child’s school. Parents should ask their kids what their school is teaching them about guns in the classroom. Surprisingly enough, they may find the fear of guns in the curriculum.

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