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“Right-Wing Extremism” Biggest Problem Says Dem Security Chairman

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right-wing extremism

As usual, we can expect to see right-wing extremism used as “representative” of all conservatives in an effort to silence our voice.

One of the left’s favorite mantras is that all mass murderers are right-wing extremists. Let’s forget about the fact that Democrats, leftists, or the children of Democrats (in the case of those too young to vote) conduct most mass shootings. This doesn’t feed into their narrative on how violent right-wing extremism is. They’ll bend the truth as far as possible simply to make the facts appear on their side.


The Liberal Narrative 101: Blame Acts Of Violence On Right-Wing Extremism

We see this constantly. Every time there’s a mass shooting, especially a school shooting, the mainstream media is quick to denounce the shooter as a right-wing extremist. This usually occurs before anyone even knows their name. All in all, they don’t care about the truth of their statements. They’re just trying to politicize the event and push the narrative in the “right” direction before anyone can ascertain the truth.

Leftist Snopes does the same. When responding to a meme that lists many mass shooters and states that they are Democrat, Snopes used every trick in the book to come to the conclusion that the claim was “mostly false.” Nonetheless, they’re just another part of the leftist propaganda machine, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

I won’t try to claim that there are no bad actors on the right, and especially not in the alt-right. We have our share of them as well. But our share is much smaller than theirs. This is evident both in the number of incidents and in overall kills. The fact of the matter is that those on the left tend to use guns and other violence to get their way while those on the right tend to use them to protect and defend.

Also, the facts don’t support the leftist narrative that all gun owners, most of whom are conservatives, are violent murderers. We hear this over and over again, usually out of the mouth of some ignorant, Democratic lawmaker. Yet, we tend to laugh it off since we know it isn’t true. But that doesn’t get rid of the perception that these people want to create. It is essential to their ideology and their agenda that they prove that law-abiding gun owners are actually criminals. Once they accomplish this strategy, then they can take our guns away one step at a time.


The Democrats Are Using Right-Wing Extremism As A Pretext For Gun Control

That’s one of the primary goals of the new Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has so stated this and Senator Dianne Feinstein has prepared her “assault weapons ban bill” and presented it in the Senate. They’re wasting no time in trying to go after our guns.

Fortunately, we have a President who believes in our Second Amendment rights. Donald Trump has carried concealed for several years and has done so in a state where it is hard to get a concealed carry permit. While he may support a ban on bump stocks, he has stood strong against most of what Democrats have tried to do to take away our guns.

Notwithstanding, if there’s one thing that we can count on the new House to do, it’s to investigate everything they don’t like. They’re already entertaining a bill of impeachment against the President. Furthermore, they are working hard to restructure the various Congressional committees and investigations with the goal of furthering their agenda.


Homeland Security Is More Concerned With Right-Wing Extremism Than Muslim Terrorists

Part of their scheme involves attacking conservatives directly in any way they can even if it means being dishonest. They don’t need to be truthful to change public perception at all. They only need to keep chanting the same mantras over and over again.

That’s why they call all conservatives “racist” and all conservative speech “hate speech.” Doing so helps them convince the uninformed that we are all part of some massive hate group. This gives them the “moral right” to marginalize us, even though we are the majority in this country. They make up for their smaller numbers with their louder voices.

With their new control of the House, Democrats are scrambling to use their bully pulpit to control the narrative. Representative Bennie Thompson, the head of the House Homeland Security Committee, is already starting. He intends to hold hearings to spotlight “a growth of deadly right wing extremism in America.” Thompson also stated that his aim “is to change the dialogue and find a balance in a US domestic terrorism strategy.” He believes that our country has focused too heavily on the threat of homegrown Muslim terrorism and too little on the rise of the far right, white nationalist, and anti-Semitic groups.

In other words, Thompson is planning on using his position to brush Muslim violence under the rug. Meanwhile, he will focus all of his committee’s attention on silencing conservatives by demonizing us all. As usual, we can expect to see the most extreme alt-right groups used as “representative” of all conservatives in an effort to silence our voice.


Leftist Logic: Right-Wing Extremism Applies To All Conservatives 

You can be sure that we’ll be hearing a lot about “right-wing extremism” over the course of the next two years, just as we did during Obama’s reign. The liberal media will evaluate the actions of mere individuals as representative of half the nation’s population. They may very well accuse, try, and convict all of us for what a few deranged individuals have done.

Of course, the same won’t be done for those on the left. Society at large will ignore the Adam Lanzas and others of the world as individual fruitcakes. Conversely, the bigwig pundits will declare anyone who exhibits right-leaning tendencies to be representative of us all.

We can uncover the obvious political nature of this exercise simply by realizing that no one has said anything about investigating ANTIFA or BLM, but only right-wing groups. If Thompson had any interest in seeking out the truth, he would include far-left groups in his investigation. Nevertheless, he has made it clear that this isn’t a part of his focus. This is a political act and nothing more.

So, where is this leading us? I find it interesting that the Homeland Security Committee is running this “investigation” and not some other Congressional committee. This setup is not accidental. Rather, it has been conceived and planned for the purpose of increasing the authority of DHS. Its advocates intend to transform it into what it was originally intended to be. They view the department as a nationwide, secret police organization that focuses on political crimes as opposed to any real crime.


Under The Guise Of Fighting Right-Wing Extremism, The “Thought Police” Are Waging War On Law-Abiding American Citizens

What sort of political crimes? Mostly “hate crimes” and “hate speech.” We already know what those are because we saw politicians use those terms over and over again during Obama’s years. They consist of anything which goes against the progressive-liberal agenda. In other words, the goal is to make being a conservative criminal. If they can’t get us for doing anything wrong, then they’ll get us for “thought crimes.” That will give the ruling elite the control they want.

During Obama’s tenure as President, there was a lot of talk about the DHS having lists of “dissidents” (conservatives) which they wanted to target. But there was never any proof of whether those lists existed or whether they were merely a conspiracy theory. I’ll tell you this though; if they did exist, I don’t think that anybody burned them when Donald Trump became president. The deep state likely still has them and is waiting for the right time to use them. The current state of affairs is just one more step to get them to that point.

Thank God for President Trump, though. He is the only thing that’s standing between the political elite and us. We need to be praying for him daily. We also need to be sure that the 2020 elections go the right way, keeping Trump in office and electing staunch conservatives to both houses of Congress.

It’s up to us. The President has made it clear that he will do his part but will we do ours?

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What do you think about the term “right-wing extremism” and how Democrats use it to malign their enemies? Let us know in the comments below.


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