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Roger Stone And The Mueller Investigation’s Gestapo Tactics

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Roger Stone

Roger Stone gets the David Koresh treatment.


Roger Stone And The Mueller Investigation

Nineteen FBI vehicles descended upon a home, early in the morning. They disgorged twenty-some agents including a SWAT team, all to arrest one 66-year-old man who wasn’t a threat to anyone. Roger Stone, a longtime political operative, didn’t even own a firearm. Nevertheless, they clearly considered him to be a major target. Altogether, it took more cops to arrest him than it took to capture Osama Bin Laden.

It’s clear that Stone isn’t a flight risk or any danger to society. In fact, the judge arraigned him on a $250,000 signature bond. That means he didn’t have to fork up any money but just sign the bond. He only has to pay if he doesn’t appear in court.

Yet, CNN’s camera crews were on hand somehow to watch the capture of Roger Stone on an indictment from the Mueller investigation. This investigation, which has been going on 20 months now, has cost the taxpayers over 16 million dollars. And what do they have to show for it? Not much.

As the Mueller investigation attempts to force-feed collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government, more and more is becoming apparent. Actually, what’s becoming clear is the lack of real evidence. Interestingly enough, Mueller’s team isn’t looking into collusion between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Russians. Notwithstanding, the Uranium One deal alone makes some good grounds for collusion. But since this investigation is merely a political witch hunt, it has to be aimed at Trump and his team.


What Was Roger Stone’s Crime?

The indictment handed down by the grand jury for Roger Stone had nothing to do with Russian collusion. Like every other indictment that Mueller has produced from his lengthy investigation, the charges concern nothing more than “procedural errors.” In other words, they amount to lying under oath, which is technically called “perjury.”

Any lawyer fresh out of law school can get a perjury indictment. It’s “easy peasy” as they say. All it takes is to get a witness to say two different things to the same question at two different times. A witness forgetting something on the stand is another example of perjury.

Let’s say you come home late from work one night and your spouse questions you. They ask where you were, what you did, and who you saw. If you forget to mention that a person was at the bar that night or mention one who wasn’t, you’ve just committed perjury. Likewise, if they question you about the same event a month later and you come up with a different answer, you’ve also committed perjury. You’re guilty, plain and clear.

This is the type of indictment that Robert Mueller is producing after almost two years and many millions of dollars. He doesn’t have any substantive evidence of Russian collusion, so he’s working on procedural errors instead. After all, he probably wants to have at least something for the vast amount of time and money he has spent. Still, this incident doesn’t prove collusion by a long-shot.


Did Roger Stone Participate In Collusion?

Per the indictment, there was nothing that Roger Stone did that they can call collusion. The contacts he tried to make along with finding out what WikiLeaks had on Hillary Clinton wasn’t illegal. It wasn’t collusion either. All they can call it is seeking information, which is otherwise known as opposition research.

To even suggest that Stone’s actions had anything to do with collusion is just one more manifestation of how desperate Democrats are. They are determined to prove that Trump or his team did something which they can use to nullify his election as president. Nonetheless, their desperation doesn’t turn anything into fact… not even close.

As Sarah Sanders (the White House Press Secretary) openly wondered when asked about Stone’s arrest, why is it that these raids are only against Republicans? Why isn’t the FBI applying the same standards to Democrats? Where are the arrests of people like Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and James Clapper? Didn’t all of them openly lie to Congress, the media, and the public?

Although Stone and Trump are long-time acquaintances and Stone was friends with Trump’s campaign manager, there is still no case for collusion. Let’s say that he did take those actions based upon a request from someone high up in the Trump campaign. In that case, all he did was try to contact Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. He was seeking information and that’s certainly not a crime.

So, even after all the media hoopla we’ve seen and the circus that the FBI put on for the CNN cameras, all the shouting doesn’t amount too much. President Trump isn’t at any risk and there is no proof of collusion, regardless of what various left-leaning pundits have to say.

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What do you think about Roger Stone’s arrest? Will his indictment lead to any evidence against President Trump? Let us know in the comments below.

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