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How to Combine Delta-8 THC With Home-Prepared Food

If you’ve tried cooking with cannabis before, you likely know how challenging it can be to make food palatable. It’s easy for the bitterness and earthiness of cannabis to overpower all other ingredients. However, out of all THC extracts, Delta-8 is one of the more appetizing options, with a tanginess and slight bitterness that can be easy to mask with other flavors. If you have Delta-8 concentrate and want to enjoy its potential benefits with your food, you might like to prepare it in some of the following ways.  

Serve It for Breakfast

If your friends and family have been asking ‘what is Delta-8 THC?’ You can answer the question and allow them to enjoy it in their breakfast. Once you’ve told them that Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive substance from the cannabis sativa plant, and you have their permission to include it in their food, you can get to work preparing all manner of delicious breakfast dishes to share.

Studies have shown that you might be able to optimize the effectiveness of Delta-8 THC with fatty meals, since cannabis compounds bind with fats. Therefore, your menu might feature avocado on toast, full-fat yogurt, and omelets. You can add Delta-8 THC distillate directly into the melted butter or cooking oil used for your omelet or mix it with avocado when spreading it on toast. If you’re running out of time to prepare a delicious and nutritious breakfast, add a few drops to full-fat plain yogurt.

Add It to Hot or Cold Lunches

Whether you’re sitting down for a hot homemade lunch or putting together something cold and quick when you’re short on time, you’ll have no problems adding Delta-8 THC while barely knowing it’s there. Add a few drops to pesto before combining it with warm pasta, or even consider adding it to a pizza or pasta sauce before mixing it with other ingredients. If you’re making any dishes with butter or oil, it takes a mere few seconds to add Delta-8 THC concentrate before indulging.

Put It in Baked Goods

If you’d prefer to keep your main meals, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, free from Delta-8 THC, consider using it in baked goods. Cookies, brownies, muesli bars, and cake can all be prepared with standard recipes and Delta-8 THC. Just make sure that any baked goods you prepare are clearly marked, and keep them out of reach of pets and children.

What to Avoid

While many ingredients pair harmoniously with Delta-8 THC, other distillates, and cannabis, not all do. Some recipes can require exact measurements, which means additional liquids, even small amounts of distillate, can ruin them. You might also find that some foods can become soggy.

Avoid low-fat foods that might affect how your body absorbs the Delta-8 THC and anything that might not gel with the taste of Delta-8, such as pickled or citrus goods. Any food that should remain dry, such as bread, might also not cook well if additional liquids are added. However, in the case of bread, you might be able to mix your distillate with an oil or butter as a spread once it’s cooked.

While you can buy pre-made Delta-8 THC goods or consume Delta-8 THC distillate as it comes, you might see the value in getting creative in the kitchen. Start with these options above, and you might be surprised by how palatable Delta-8 THC can be.

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