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Upholding a Nation of Rotten Politicians – But For How Long?

“My favorite government agency is one that’s defunct, and my favorite politician is one that’s dead.”  ~ Chris Mayer

Chris Mayer, an investment analyst, could be speaking for most of us. Congress has an approval rating of just 17 percent according to June 2012 polls by Gallup. A massive 79 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the way the country is being run, and the idea of just throwing everyone out (bodily, if possible) is attractive to enough members of the public that many elected officials are afraid to be left alone with their own constituents.

This is hardly the government envisioned by Franklin, Washington, and the other Founding Fathers. This is more like their worst fears made manifest – a government of bloated bureaucrats who seem to be deliberately undermining the success of the nation. Ridiculous laws, an out-of-control judiciary, and local officials who act like they’re entitled to be corrupt jerks by right of office are the norm. What’s the average person to do? How can our nation continue with these bozos in charge?

In fact, the only thing these politicians seem to be good at is ensuring that their personal day of reckoning keeps getting postponed. They are developing exceptional skill at temporary budget extensions, one-year tax breaks, emergency aid riders … whatever it takes to keep the masses with pitchforks from coming after them.

A Call To Action For Those Who Care About The Future Of The United States.

And the mainstream masses just indulge them.

And the mainstream media lives to protect them.

And when they make promises, we’re supposed to overlook everything and believe them …

It’s all a house of cards. Our president, our legislature, our state governors, and our county officials just want to stay in office. They like the power, the perks, and the prestige. They don’t want to be a member of the general public if they can help it, but they are more than happy to help themselves to the spoils of office provided by the common taxpayer.

How long can this all hold together? It seems like a major implosion is set to go down any day now and yet, we wake up in the morning and all these yahoos are still running the country. The system seems to exist on the strength of its own momentum, powered along by the ideals of maintaining the status quo and not rocking the boat.

The next election could be a game-changer … or it could be a chance for more of the same systems and burdens of government to make it another round. As a nation, most of us are tired – sick and tired – of politics, and it’s not even November.

Grover Norquist recommended “starving the beast” as a way to curtail big government. He wanted us to stop paying so many taxes to a government already fat on taxpayer largesse. Yet it’s not enough to just deprive rotten politicians of revenues … they also have printing presses.

Independence is another way to fight back. Living on government handouts perpetuates the existence of government programs. As a nation, we need to get better at doing for ourselves and letting the government know it is neither welcome nor needed.

We can do better than living off government money and letting these rotten politicians think they’re needed or matter in our lives. The government will continue to be a mess for as long as we tolerate it and tell ourselves we need what it can do. Make the change yourself, and push others to do the same, so that the current state of affairs can become ancient history as fast as possible.

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