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Parents Have Lost All Power In Britain’s Socialist Healthcare System

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Britain’s socialist healthcare system

Britain’s socialist healthcare system can force sex-change operations on kids – even if parents object.

Parents can no longer determine the gender of their children in Britain’s socialist healthcare system. In fact, a mother lost custody of her son because she objects to his request for a sex-change procedure.

Instead of treating the boy for mental health problems, doctors at the National Health Service (NHS) are prescribing puberty blockers, the mother alleges. To explain, puberty blockers are powerful hormones that prevent the development of male or female attributes in a growing child.

The mother took the boy to the NHS, Britain’s socialist healthcare system, for autism treatment. However, NHS doctors sent the teenager to a sex-change clinic, The Daily Mail on Sunday claims.

The doctors recommend a sex-change because the boy tells psychiatrists that he is female. Nevertheless, the mother feels the boy is too young to decide about sex-change.   


Object To Britain’s Socialist Healthcare System And Lose Custody Of Your Kids

The mother took the boy out of the clinic after learning about the puberty blockers.

Nonetheless, a few months later the boy did not return from school. Instead of going home, social services took the boy to a foster home.

The parents clearly lost custody because they objected to the sex change attempts. Moreover, social services accuses the mother of emotional abuse because she objects to the sex change.

Meanwhile, the mother is complaining about the vague approach taken by NHS doctors. Notably, she took the boy to Britain’s socialist healthcare system because he was hurting himself. Instead, doctors now want to change his sex.

“I’m absolutely devastated,” the anonymous mother tells The Daily Mail on Sunday. “When I saw the report that social services wrote about us and saw the words ’emotional abuse’, I just broke down.”

“All we were doing was trying to get him to pause and think about his actions,” the mother says.


Britain’s Socialist Healthcare Forces Sex Changes On Kids

Significantly, the unknown boy is not alone. To elaborate, The Daily Mail alleges parents lost custody of several children for objecting to sex-changes.

For example, an unidentified woman claims she lost custody for trying to stop her 15-year-old daughter from becoming a boy. Instead, authorities took the girl so she can have a sex-change.

Two children from West London’s Hillingdon’s council school are in foster care because their parents objected to sex-change. In addition, the Ealing Council local government in West London admits to placing up to five children in foster homes over sex-changes.

Furthermore, a family claims they only know about their daughter’s sex-change plans because she registered as a boy at school. Strangely, even adults who have had sex-changes object to the NHS’s sex-change efforts.

Debbie Hayton, a former man, claims “hundreds of children are being pushed into inappropriate and unnecessary treatments that they will later abandon – albeit not without some psychological distress and, potentially, lifelong infertility.”


Britain’s Socialist Healthcare Has Total Control Over Kids

British parents cannot stop the sex changes because the NHS has total control over healthcare in the United Kingdom.

To elaborate, all British subjects are part of the NHS because their taxes pay for it. As a result, the NHS can force medical procedures on kids – even if parents object. The NHS has such power because it owns most of the clinics and hospitals in Britain.

Consequently, most British have no choice but to go to the NHS if they want healthcare for their children. It should come as no surprise, then, that American progressives and socialists like Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders admire the NHS.

Moreover, national health insurance systems in countries like Canada and Australia differ from the NHS. For example, in Canada and Australia, the government only finances healthcare rather than providing it. Tellingly, Australia and Canada did not completely copy the NHS when they set up their national health insurance systems.

In short, Britain’s socialist healthcare system demonstrates that Americans are right to fear proposals for Medicare For All and single-payer health insurance.

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What are your thoughts on the problems we are seeing within Britain’s socialist healthcare system? Let us know in the comments below.

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