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Are The “Biden Food Shortages” On The Way?

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Food Shortages

As the new case count for COVID-19 patients decreases and then increases according to media needs, we need to realize that the pandemic is far from over. In fact, some medical “experts” now predict that we will be dealing with COVID-19 well into 2022. With that being the case, chances are pretty high that we’re going to see shortages in the grocery store once again.


Here’s why:

Our grocers are better prepared for the next run on the stores, with food already palletized and pre-positioned in distribution centers and the back rooms of grocery stores. But that’s merely a stopgap measure, as the amount of food that fits in the back room of a grocery store is, by necessity, minimal.

While they are in better shape than they were last spring, we can expect some shortages. As with the last go-around, the most likely food shortage will be meat and dairy, as the meat packing industry seems to have been pounded by the disease. We can expect that to be followed by canned goods, snacks, baking supplies and soup. How long, or how bad it is going to be, is something we’ll have to wait to see.


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A lot of this hinges on whether there will be another wave of lockdowns. Many Democrat governors seem to be okay with that idea, while Republicans are fighting against it. There are many, especially in Republican camps, which argue that the first batch of lockdowns didn’t do us much good, so it’s doubtful that another round will do much better. As with everything else associated with the pandemic, it’s being politicized.

Of course, there’s also the theory that many conservatives have floated, saying that the pandemic, or at least the hysteria associated with it, was 100% manufactured as a weapon to use against Trump. As that theory tells it, the lockdowns should have ceased when Biden was sworn in as president.

Interestingly enough, troubled Governor Cuomo of New York had reportedly come out saying that it’s time for New York businesses to open. After that, he changed his mind. Now, he’s created a sort of “lock-down” for himself. If I were a suspicious man, and I am, I would see that as an indicator that those who came up with that theory are right. But I’ll reserve my judgment until I see a more general movement in that direction.


What About The Campaign Promise?

This is in total contrast to what the President-elect said. During his campaign, Joe Biden promised that if he was elected, he was going to order a nationwide lockdown. That sounds like he either believes the pandemic is real or he believes there is some other political reason to continue hurting the lives of people who are still out of work and whose businesses are closed down.

Of course, there’s just one problem with that campaign promise. He didn’t then and doesn’t now have the authority to do it.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Job loss and food shortages just add to the stress.

The only authorities who can order such a thing are the governors of the various states. That became clear when the first round of lockdowns were discussed. People were calling for then President Trump to lock down the country. He couldn’t do so legally, so he encouraged the governors of many states to do so instead.

The full cost of that first round of lockdowns has not yet been discovered. Close to 100,000 small businesses closed their doors for good. Over 40 million people lost their jobs. Billions of dollars of profits were lost. But those aren’t the real costs; what about mental disorder, suicides and children who will never fully realize their true potential, because of how the lockdowns affected their education?

Another series of lockdowns will obviously make the situation worse. Without a control group to use for comparison, it’s hard to prove that any such measure works; and the only possible comparison is with Sweden or South Korea. Neither of those really work, because of other factors they instituted to deal with the pandemic.


Will Biden Pull The Trigger?

But as we’ve already seen, it doesn’t take a lockdown to cause a run on the grocery stores. All it takes is fear. The first run on the stores came about because of fear of the potential lockdown. Remembering the effect that had, it wouldn’t be surprising in the least to see another run on the stores. Most of the people who had stocked up on food back then will have already eaten that food in the ensuing months, so they’ll need a fresh infusion to get through the next lockdown. Once they start the run on the grocery stores, others will follow.

As before, once the run on the stores begins, it won’t take long to empty them out. Oh, it might take a little longer this time, because of the actions which our big grocery chains have undertaken to mitigate against more shortages; but that won’t be able to stop real supply chain shortages; it will merely slow them down. We’re probably in for just as rough a ride as before; maybe even more so.


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With the experts saying that COVID will last well into 2022, there’s no saying how many more shortages we might have. Since these shortages are caused by panic rather than anything tangible or systemic, it all centers on public opinion and what they are being fed by the news media. We are only beginning to see how the media will report things now that Democrats have control over everything.

Should a new pandemic or new COVID variant come along before this one is even over (a very real possibility, especially if this was even somewhat intentional on the Chinese government’s part), then we might go into and out of “spotty food shortages” for years to come. Worse than that, it might affect the farms growing the food and the manufacturing plants turning raw food items into the myriad of foods that we find stocking the supermarket shelves.

Bottom line: I’m not depending on what the system can do to take care of me. While I may still shop in the stores, I’m working on increasing my food production as much as I can. That’s the only sure way I know to make sure my family will be able to eat. Make sure you have supplies in times of calm. That way, you’ll always have what you need and you’ll never be labeled a hoarder.


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