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Public Schools And The Weaponization Of CPS

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Homeschoolers have long battled against CPS and the school system for the right to educate their children.

Aldous Huxley got a lot right when he wrote his iconic book, “Brave New World.” Like George Orwell did in “1984,” Huxley had some insight into a potential future; one which may very well be coming to visit us today.

The “Brave New World” Of Socialism In Education

The storyline of Brave New World centers around John, the son of the Director and Linda, who grew up in a village on the New Mexico Savage Reservation. The book details John’s difficulties in assimilating into the World State. It also makes forays into many aspects of daily life. One of these forays is into the state-run hatchery and child raising facility where a woman by the name of Lenina works. There we see an important principle of the World State – that children belong to the government.

This is actually a socialist principle that the infamous Karl Marx established. Notably, Marx was the inventor and founder of modern socialism. As such, it is a tenet, perhaps even a central tenet of the modern leftist, progressive-liberal political movement.

With our schools mostly populated by leftist teachers and administrators, it’s therefore not surprising that those same schools have the attitude that they own our children. This is, of course, as opposed to being mere custodians whom society charges to teach our children. This is a significant difference. It’s also a difference which leads to the subordination of education to the “greater need” of indoctrination.

Conformity, Indoctrination, And Suppression In The School System

This is not a new game, even though their methods and disregard for the law have increased in recent years. Rather, it is something that has been growing for decades and which we all encountered when we were in school. Disguised as the need for “obedience,” certain “acceptable values” are taught. Submitting to those values brought us success while rejection of them brought failure.

Take something as simple as coloring, a common activity for kindergarten students. Teachers tell children that they need to color within the lines. In addition, they explain to young students that they need to use certain colors for certain things. Now imagine if a child were to scribble all over their paper with a red crayon, thereby expressing their feelings at the moment. Their overseers would clearly castigate them, perhaps even publically, for not conforming to the rules of coloring etiquette.

Socialism and its bastard cousin, progressivism, can’t stand individuality. Individuals and especially independent thinkers are dangerous. After all, they might lead someone to believe something other than what the authorities of society are indoctrinating them to believe. As a result, educators must suppress this type of behavior by any means possible.

The Dawn Of CPS: Who Has Control Over Our Children?

Simply take a good look at the political left for a moment. Anyone who examines their demands for conformity and political correctness can clearly see this issue. They prattle on about “diversity” and rail against conservatives for not following their diversity doctrine. Nevertheless, what they really mean is that conservatives must conform to their thoughts, their beliefs, and their ideology.

Schools are teaching such thoughts, beliefs, and ideology to our children each and every day they sit in a classroom. But the schools aren’t content with that. Educators see themselves as a change agent in society. Consequently, they push the limits of their authority at every chance. Furthermore, they attempt to force parents as well as children to bow to their agenda.

One of the main weapons that leftist educators are using against parents is CPS (Child Protective Services). There has always been a close tie between the school system and CPS. This connection is due to the fact that the law requires educators to report any suspected incidence of child abuse or face criminal penalties.

Does The State Consider Homeschooling To Be Child Abuse?

Of course, how one defines child abuse is left up to the individual’s interpretation. While there are some things which are clearly child abuse, there are other things which aren’t quite so clear. To those who don’t believe in spanking a child, a properly administered slap on their bottom is abusive. Nonetheless, let’s look at people who do believe in spanking a child as a form of discipline. These folks consider it to be abuse when the parent overdoes it or when they strike the child elsewhere.

Another thing that these propagandists disguised as educators call abuse is not allowing a child to be properly indoctrinated. Homeschoolers have long battled against CPS and the school system for the right to educate their children. Notwithstanding, teachers and administrators still turn parents over to CPS on a regular basis. They do this merely because the parents are exercising their right to educate their children as they see fit.

Technically, there are no states in the country which deny parents the right to homeschool their children. Yet, several of the most left-leaning states pose great restrictions on parents. These constraints include such things as the requirement for parents to be certified teachers and employing a state-approved curriculum.

At the other extreme, there are states where a parent doesn’t even have to inform the school district that they are going to homeschool. This is because the state sees the education of children as the parent’s prerogative. Of course, those are more conservatives states which tend to allow greater individual freedom.

Schools Can Use CPS As A Mechanism To Bully Parents

In more restrictive states, the bullying of parents who don’t conform to the school administration’s ideals is commonplace. This predicament is true even for parents who don’t homeschool. However, the greatest bullying is reserved for those parents who dare to rebel against the school system and take their children’s education into their own hands. Even if those parents obey the law in every detail, they can count on being turned over to CPS and having their every action scrutinized.

The big problem with this is that there is much in the law which is subject to interpretation and the ones doing the interpretation are social workers who are working for CPS. As educators, these social workers are 100% progressive-liberals who believe that they know more about raising our children than we do.

You Can Win Against CPS In Court, But It’s Not Easy

As a government agency, CPS has the ear of the courts. They can go into court and convince judges to side with them without the parents even being aware. Fighting against the power of these government agencies is expensive. For this reason, it is impossible for many poorer families, especially minorities, to stand against them. In this manner, the leftists are attacking those who they profess to be their own constituents, simply for exercising what should be their rights.

The one piece of good news in all of this is that parents can often win when they take CPS and the schools to court. But that is expensive and there is no court-appointed attorney to help the parents in that case. Meanwhile, CPS and the schools have taxpayer-funded attorneys working for them.

In light of this, there is plenty of reason to keep your children out of the school system right from the very beginning. Families who homeschool from kindergarten are less likely to attract the attention of their local schools than families who try and leave the system later on. It is better to make the decision early rather than to be caught up in bureaucratic red tape and legal battles.

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What do you make of the current use of CPS by the public school system? Let us know in the comments below.


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