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9 Blogs For Homeschooling Advice

Homeschooling is a journey, and one that is often epic in scope, challenging, fraught with difficulties, and with a huge reward at the end. While keeping your kids at home will be one of the best things you do for them, it will not be easy. Whether you are new to homeschooling or a seasoned veteran, you know that it is important to take help where you can find it. Fortunately, you are homeschooling in the Internet age, and you have numerous resources at your fingertips.

With what limited time you have in your day or week, check out some of these amazing blogs. All are written by parents (mostly moms) who have made the decision to stay home and educate their children. You have an amazing source of knowledge in these dedicated educators who have gone before you and have experiences to share. Below you will find some of the best that the web has to offer. They range from blogs with a strongly Christian perspective to those that don’t. Some are more traditional, while others will help you to think in new ways about education and schooling.

Virtuous Foundations

The Christian homeschooling blog Virtuous Foundations is an uplifting and helpful site that provides readers with reviews of books, DVDs, and curricula as well as tales and anecdotes to help with any homeschool situation. The Christian perspective from author Lea Harris is refreshing, and perhaps best of all, the site gives away free gifts! As a former homeschooled student and now a homeschooling parent, Lea is able to offer really useful insights and recommendations for newer home teachers. Posts include suggestions for fun math lessons, recommended children’s books, and news about discounts on homeschooling products. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to Lea’s enlightening sister blogs on gardening, health, and family living.

Homeschool Circus

If you have already taken the plunge into the world of homeschooling, you can empathize and understand the title of this blog penned by Lisa Keva. She is a mother of six and has been educating her children at home for the last ten years. If you can think up a problem, she has experienced it. Her very forthright blog posts are Christian-based, thoughtful, and honest. You can find her recommendations here, reviews of products and curricula, as well as a full list of everything Lisa uses personally with her kids. She even outlines specific lessons and provides pictures of her children going through projects and activities to make it easier for her readers to understand.

Mrs. Price Is Right About Homeschooling

Mrs. Price, also known as Betsy Price, is a stay-at-home mom and homeschooler whose purpose in life is to “glorify and enjoy God forever.” With enthusiasm and an up-beat attitude, Betsy provides her readers with detailed accounts of her trials and successes as a homeschooling mom. Along with personal insights, Betsy shares coupons, freebies, and discounts that she finds throughout the web and which can be useful for other homeschoolers. Side-by-side with practical offers and helpful ideas, she shares humorous finds and funny stories that will brighten your day. Every Wednesday, Betsy offers up a hodge-podge of fun facts, random ideas, and answers to readers’ questions.

Homeschooling In Heels

Jessica, the homeschooling mother and author of Homeschooling in Heels, is a marathon runner, a vegan, a technical writer, and a fashion-lover. Her blog is all about the balance between being a mother and teacher and being the woman she was before motherhood. With posts about her and her family’s personal homeschooling experiences, their projects, and activities, Jessica provides her readers with plenty of practical ideas that can be applied in any home. The pictures of her children’s activities and field trips are impressive and inspiring. You will also find her suggestions for curricula, books, and discount and freebie offers very useful.


Tina, author, mother, and homeschooler, hosts the blog Spirited-Homeschool to inspire and help parents who are schooling the most spirited of children. She has plenty of experience from her days of homeschooling her four elementary-aged children at once. With special needs such as dyslexia, autism, and ADHD, Lisa learned that her kids were more spirited than most. By banding together with mothers of similar children, Lisa learned to cope and to thrive while raising and educating her kids at home. On her blog, she shares her learned wisdom and her practical advice for homeschooling in general and for challenging children in particular. Additionally, Lisa offers good deals when she finds them, recommended books and articles, and links to other useful sites.

The Homeschool Classroom

For a perspective from several different homeschooling moms, check out The Homeschool Classroom. The blog is a collection of tips, resources, ideas, and inspirations from several moms who have experience with homeschooling. The contributors write very thoughtful and informative posts on everything from organizational techniques and planning practices to tips for newbies to free knitting resources that can be found on the Internet. The ideas and practical solutions offered on this site are never ending and all can be easily applied by the newest of homeschoolers as well as the seasoned pros.

Simple Homeschool

At the Simple Homeschool blog, writer and editor Jaime’s philosophy is “never let your schooling interrupt your education.” She believes that the beauty of homeschooling is that it allows you to be intentional about your children’s education and that you can focus on their individual strengths while not feeling pressured to fit into a certain mold. With the idea that learning is meant to be enjoyed, Jaime and her contributing writers provide blog posts about new ideas for grade-level learning, links to useful sites, summer activities, planning family trips, among many other topics. While many posts offer very practical tips and tricks, others are more personal and focus on coping with the inevitable stresses and hardships of schooling at home.

Christian Unschooling

At the blog Christian Unschooling, several writers contribute posts about all aspects of homeschooling in a Christian family. Not only do these families homeschool with Christ in mind, they embrace radical ideas about educating their children. They believe in allowing God to work through their kids and in giving them the freedom to learn what interests them as opposed to educating with formal instruction. In fact, rather than calling themselves homeschoolers, these dedicated parents label themselves unschoolers. Posts from the unschoolers include reflections on releasing control, unlearning traditional schooling techniques, personal stories of growth, and real ideas on how to teach in a free and non-traditional manner.

Homeschool Mosaics

For a diverse array of perspectives on homeschooling, try the blog Homeschool Mosaics. The site is new (it only launched this year), but it has already earned a stellar reputation for bringing together thoughtful insights and practical tips on homeschooling from different viewpoints and philosophies. You probably had no idea how many different homeschooling methods there are, but you will find them all here. They include such methods as Charlotte Mason, Delight Directed, Lapbooking, Montessori, Waldorf, Unschooling, Unit Study, Delayed Academics, and many more. Not only does the site present these different ways of homeschooling, but the various contributors also offer up ideas, lessons, resources, and inspiration for trying out each one based on their own personal experiences.

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