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Socialism Fails Again As It Creates Massive Power Outages In Venezuela

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massive power outages

Massive power outages in Venezuela may indicate that Maduro’s socialist regime is incapable of maintaining the electric grid. (Photo Credit: MATIAS DELACROIX/AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

Massive power outages have brought the entire nation of Venezuela to a standstill. In fact, almost everything in Venezuela stopped because of the massive power outages on Friday.

Significantly, government officials blame the power outages on anti-government saboteurs and technological attacks, The Guardian reports. However, knowledgeable observers blame the situation on mismanagement by Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolás Maduro.

Massive power outages affecting 18 of Venezuela’s 23 states began on Thursday. Notably, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez blames “an act of electric sabotage committed by Venezuela’s extreme-right opposition” on a hydroelectric plant for the blackouts.


Authorities Suspect That A Cyber-Attack Caused Massive Power Outages

In particular, the Telesur TV network blames “a technological and cyber-attack” on the Guri hydroelectric plant for the blackouts. Oddly enough, Rodríguez thinks the attack is part of an attempt to overthrow Maduro’s government.

Rodríguez even blames U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) for the technological attack, The Guardian reports. To elaborate, Rubio is a vocal critic of Maduro who wants the president gone.

Experts have also blamed cyber-attacks for massive power outages elsewhere in recent years. Particularly, cyber-attacks shut down parts of Ukraine’s electric grid in both December 2015 and December 2017. The Ukraine Security Agency still blames Russian hackers for those attacks, Radio Free Europe states.


Socialism Destroys The Electric Grid And Causes Massive Power Outages

On the other hand, Venezuela’s former oil minister, Rafael Ramírez, tweets that “Guri has collapsed because of a lack of maintenance, just like the thermoelectric plants and the transmission and distribution lines.”

Ramírez believes that Maduro’s socialist regime is incapable of maintaining the electric grid. For instance, the In Venezuela blog claims the country’s electrical grid has been collapsing for over 10 years.

Additionally, In Venezuela’s editor Giancarlo Fiorella charges that the government provides no evidence to back the cyber-attack allegations. Nonetheless, neglect could make sabotage easier by allowing security to deteriorate.


Massive Power Outages Are Killing People In Venezuela

“It is almost guaranteed at this point that people have died as a result of this,” Fiorella says of the outages.

For example, Fiorella thinks many of Venezuela’s hospitals are running out of power because of the power outages. Specifically, Fiorella believes the hospitals do not have enough fuel to run backup generators.

Some Venezuelans cannot buy food for their families because of the massive power outages, The Associated Press reports. Maria Isabel Garcia is unable to get money from the bank to buy food because of the widespread blackouts.

“I’m desperate,” Garcia tells the AP. After all, the bank’s computers and ATMs run on electricity. So, a blackout makes digital money and cash inaccessible for people without backup power.


Backup Power Helps Families Survive Massive Power Outages

Notwithstanding, Venezuelans with backup generators or solar panels can reach their digital accounts using satellite phones and the internet.

Indeed, Venezuelan economist Carlos Hernández wrote a piece entitled “Bitcoin Has Saved My Family” in The New York Times. Hernández uses the cryptocurrency Bitcoin which he can access digitally to buy food for his family.

The hyperinflation that is presently destroying Venezuela’s currency (the Bolivar) does not affect Bitcoin. This means that hyperinflation will not destroy savings in Bitcoin as it has destroyed the bolivar. Moreover, the International Monetary Fund predicts that Venezuela will experience an inflation rate of 10 million percent this year.

Steve Hanke, an economics professor at Johns Hopkins University, blames Venezuela’s hyperinflation on Maduro’s socialist policies, says EuroNews. Hanke goes so far as to call Maduro’s monetary policies a “scam.”


Socialism And Massive Power Outages Could Come To America

Americans could experience hyperinflation and massive outages themselves because socialism could soon come to the United States.

Some observers think that self-styled democratic socialist and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) could win next year’s presidential election. Significantly, 359,914 people gave Sanders a grand total of $10 million in donations during the first week of the Senator’s campaign, The New York Times reveals.

Furthermore, there is a lot of data that illustrates how Sanders could win the White House in 2020. The Predict It probability market, for example, ranks Sanders as the Democratic frontrunner for 2020. In fact, the only candidate that Predict It bettors like more than Sanders is President Trump himself.

Consequently, other Democratic presidential candidates are embracing socialist policies such as Medicare for All, a Jobs Guarantee, the Green New Deal, and Basic Income, The Times declares.

“Shock of all shocks, those very same ideas are now supported not only by Democratic candidates for president but by Democratic candidates all across the board, from school board on up,” Sanders says of his socialist policies in a recent speech in Iowa.


You Need To Prepare For Massive Power Outages ASAP

Because of this, you must prepare for massive power outages if you want to live in the 21st Century. Ultimately, socialism could destroy America’s power grid in the near future.

Moreover, Maduro could retaliate for the massive outages in Venezuela with cyber-attacks on America’s power grid. Even small, bankrupt nations like Venezuela can unleash massive cyber-attacks anywhere in the world.

As a result, every American household and business needs to install a backup power system immediately. Backup power could be the only way for you to feed your family if socialism and cyber warfare rage on unchecked.

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