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Powering Your Future

We never know how we are going to react in a situation until we find ourselves in it. That is the reality of humankind. Our lives function on precariously balanced systems; one tiny nudge in any direction, one small variable change, can have a catastrophic effect on life as we know it. It does not matter the form the variable shift takes: natural disaster, EMP, war, or any other unknown element. The fact of the matter is that the unknown can bring out the animal in mankind. We simply need to know what we will do in order to survive and support our family and those around us.

That is the situation Brian Brawdy recently found himself in. Caught in the aftermath of the recent land hurricane of the east coast, Brian and his family were among the millions of people left without power for several days. Fortunately for Brian, he had a solid plan in place, as well as the tools to implement that plan. While those around him stumbled through their panic and uncertainty, Brian and his family was able to carry on with minimal changes to their daily routines. They had fans, a small refrigerator, lights, and water. In short, they had normalcy.

But Brian did not have some magic ability to garner that normalcy. He merely had the foresight to plan ahead, taking simple steps any of us could take.

Understand The Unreality Of Fear Mongering

The idea of survival preparation is certainly not a new one, but it can often be given a bad reputation. Preppers are often considered to be sensationalists. They have been accused of being out of touch with reality. Even worse, those who try and educate others about prepping are charged with fear mongering. There are actually those who try and lay the blame of worry and fear at their feet, claiming they use fear as a scare tactic to sway others to understand prepping and to buy products.

Over time though, this notion has fallen to the wayside. As Brain recently attested, fear mongering has turned into factually based incidents. Food supplies are strained. Electrical supplies are short in many areas, and natural disasters have greatly affected water supplies. Scaring people into action is not the purpose of education for prepping: survival is, and that is becoming clearer and clearer all of the time.

Prepare and Plan

The most important thing you can do right now to help your family survive in the future is to create a plan and figure out how to put that plan into action when the time comes. As Brian realized his family’s recent time without electricity was not going to go away anytime soon, he was able to act. He took stock of the supplies he had on hand and instituted a system to keep things going.

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You have to ask yourself the question “what would you do?” before an event ever occurs. How will you act if 911 does not respond to your cries for help? What will you do when you realize the power is not coming back on anytime soon? What will happen when your clean water runs out?

If you know the answers to these (and many other similar questions), you are well on your way to protecting yourself and your family. But, if you cannot answer these basic questions, now is the time to create a solid plan. You cannot count on someone else to come in and rescue your family. You have to be the one to take care of yourself.

Build A Community

One of the most solid elements of your plan has to be how you will care for those around you. Take stock of your neighbors. Get to know them and try to gain an understanding of what you can bring to their table and what they can bring to yours. In Brian’s situation, he has two elderly neighbors he is always prepared to take care of. Although it is not something he has to do, he knows it is right to make sure they are taken care of. Of course, in that very same vein, they look for ways to make life a little easier for him and his family.

We can survive individually, but we will be strong together. If you know that a neighbor cannot grow food without destroying half of it but they have medical skills, consider a trade of services. You have to create your system of people who can work together in any type of situation. You have to be able to help each other.

Invest In The Future

Preparing for the unknown future will cost something for your family. It could be time invested in planning and preparing; it could be finances. But, you have to make the decision of what to invest in and when to invest. Look at your plan and your predetermined community. Which needs would have to be met in an emergency situation? If it is just you, there may not be as much need for equipment. However, most of us have families and know we will be functioning to take care of them and possibly others. This is where your more expensive supplies will come in.

As Brian recently found out, his PowerHub and PowerSource were quickly able to restore a sense of normalcy to his family and to those neighbors he worked with. It was through the PowerHub that he was able to provide electricity for his family. Knowing he had the right tools and knowing how to use them served his family greatly.

But, these devices were able to go way beyond simply providing for his family; after all, a generator can do that. Brian knew though, that in this particular situation, a generator would not be the best way to go. His PowerHub and PowerSource were able to provide for his family without making any noise. This one key feature goes a long way in keeping your family safe. As others have noted, when neighboring elements hear your generator, they are not afraid to use force to get it. The PowerHub allows you to care for your family with the gift of silence.

For a very short time, Off the Grid News is offering these PowerHubs at a discounted price that can be found at and will include a variety of other prepping merchandise like the Eliminator, solar panels, and a coupon book for $10,000 worth of other materials.

The only certain element we have about our future is that it is unknown. We have to be able to take care of ourselves and our families during this time. Planning, building, and investing will help us to do just that.

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