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The Best Places To Go Off Grid: Pennsboro, West Virginia

Going off the grid is a major move, but one that few people regret later. If you are itching to get out of the city or suburbs to the safety and beauty of a plot of land to call your own, you have a big decision to make: where to move. The United States is a great place to live if you want to make this kind of transition. Our huge country is still full of wild places, small towns, and rural areas where you can make a new and more rewarding life for yourself and your family. Pennsboro, West Virginia is one of those places. A small town of just 1,200 people, Pennsboro is an excellent place to make a new start. The people are friendly and have similar values to yours, land is inexpensive, and the natural areas can provide you with the resources you need to survive.

There could be many reasons why you are choosing to move off the grid and into self-sufficiency. Some of the reasons people cite for leaving it all behind include safety, being able to teach their children valuable survival skills, environmental issues, government overreach, distrust of the government, disaster preparation, and simply wanting to live a simpler life. Whatever your reasons are, you will find what you are looking for in this scenic corner of West Virginia.

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This spot, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, seems to have been lost in time and abandoned by many. This makes it a perfect spot for off-the-grid living. The valleys of West Virginia have always been sparsely populated, but today more than ever, as people are leaving the mountains for cities and suburbs. Work is hard to come by, so many people feel they need to leave the valleys to make a living and to raise their children. For you, this means an isolated spot that draws like-minded individuals and families.

Things to Consider and Why Pennsboro is Perfect for Off-the-Grid Living

One of the first considerations to make when deciding where to settle down for off-the-grid living is getting your basic needs met. In the outskirts of Pennsboro, you will find lush valleys with verdant forests, rivers, and meadows. Many of these seem untouched by human hands. In this kind of setting, it will not be difficult to get enough water and food. With rivers, spring mountain runoff, catching rainfall, and digging wells, water is not a problem here. As for food, the hunting and fishing are plentiful. You can forage in the woods for wild plants and mushrooms that are edible. With enough property, you will also be able to grow ample amounts of your own vegetables and fruits.

Another aspect of your new lifestyle to consider when making a move is cost. Although part of your reason for moving may be to live a simpler life, you will unfortunately still need some money. Most important is the amount of money you can afford to spend to get started. Since you will be leaving the rat race, you will want to economize as much as possible when purchasing your new home. Because people are more likely to leave the valleys of West Virginia than arrive, you can get some really great deals here. Land is very cheap compared to other places around the U.S. You have several options as well. There are often plots of land for sale both with and without a residence already built.

Community is yet another consideration for your move. Perhaps you are trying to get away from other people, but the truth is you will need and want a community. The great thing about the Pennsboro area is that the community is small and contains people similar to you. The area draws in other families and individuals who have fled the cities and who are interested in being self-sufficient, in being able to survive off the land, and who understand your needs. While some of these people will want to remain isolated, most will be eager to socialize with you and your families as well as swap stories and tips. If getting to church is important for your family, you can join one of five congregations in Pennsboro. This is another way to become part of a like-minded community.

When you are choosing the new location for your family, take Pennsboro into consideration. You won’t regret living the off-the-grid life here in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.

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