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Educate Yourself… and Agitate the Politicians! with Brien Lundin – Episode 049

If someone asked you what was the most important thing to know about gold, what would your answer be? That it’s shiny, expensive, makes beautiful jewelry, and everyone ought to have some? According to our guest on Off the Grid Radio this week, that’s not exactly what he would say.

He would tell you that gold is YOUR protection against government mismanagement of the currency and economy. In fact, he calls gold “portfolio insurance.”

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Brien Lundin is the editor and publisher of The Gold Newsletter; president and CEO of Jefferson Financial; hosts the New Orleans Investment Conference each year; and is a knowledgeable and educated speaker in his field.

Brien Lundin gives us a mini-course in economics and monetary policy as well as precious metals investment advice. This is one of the most educational and informative episodes of Off the Grid Radio, and it’s one that you won’t want to miss!

In this episode:
•    What is the purpose of the Federal Reserve?
•    Why do we need fiscal conservatives in Congress and the White House?
•    Why government meddling actually causes the catastrophes they’re hoping to prevent
•    What percent of your portfolio should be in core precious metals?
•    And more…

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