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UPDATE: ‘Kentucky 10’ Mom Fights Back Against Bullies Criticizing Her Off-Grid Life

The Nauglers. The mom was taking the picture. Her photo is below. Image source:

The Nauglers. The mom was taking the picture.

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The off-grid, homeschool mother of the 10 children who were seized has spoken out on Facebook in defense of her family’s self-sufficient life – and she’s receiving plenty of support.

Nicole Naugler noted that her Facebook friends climbed from just under 2,000 to 8,000 in less than 24 hours (it’s now at 11,000), and she expressed gratitude for those who have been praying for her and even financially helping her family. She said she’s “overwhelmed.”

But she noted that some people have spoken out in disagreement with her family’s lifestyle. They live in a 280-square-foot cabin on 26 acres of land in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. The mom says it’s part of the “tiny home” movement. They want to build an 800-square-foot cabin.

“I have people from all over the world contacting me,” she wrote. “I know there are some of you who don’t approve of what we do. But that’s ok. You are welcome to your views. What I am not ok with is the use of force to impose those views on me.”

The 10 children were seized Wednesday from Naugler and her husband following an anonymous tip that apparently related to their style of off-grid living. The family also is part of the “unschooling” movement, a type of homeschooling.

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For nine years, she wrote, she has journaled her “family’s life online.”

“I have a purpose,” she wrote. “I want to help others as well. …As many parents have relayed, it’s exhausting to have to worry if CPS is going to show up and what they are wanting to do. Sure, they come in, say things are OK, but often they don’t. Five minutes on Google will give you a good picture of the innocent families torn apart.”

The Nauglers' cabin when it was under construction.

The Nauglers’ cabin under construction.

Back in March, she had promised to post photos of the family’s cabin on Facebook for homesteading friends, but she never did it.

“I was reluctant,” she wrote. “I wasn’t prepared for the backlash that might arise from those who oppose our lifestyle. … But it’s done. We are here. And it’s no better time to share. Have your opinions. That’s fine. I know people who live in ways I don’t approve of, but their lifestyle is socially acceptable. I certainly wouldn’t justify force.

She added, “I don’t want people to live in fear. I want people to have confidence in their choices. If you don’t like the way someone lives, let them be. Bullying them won’t accomplish anything.”

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In a subsequent post, she posted pictures of the cabin.

Her comment received plenty of feedback, most of it positive.

“Praying you are reunited with your children today, and not a moment later,” one read.

“Live your own life,” another read. “As long as your kids are healthy and happy, people should mind their own business. God Bless you and what you think is good for your family.”

Still another read, “I started following your page after the press around your family being broken apart by Child Services. Thank you for your page. … I’m in Canada. Good luck.”

Read more of Naugler’s comments on her Facebook page.

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