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Off-Grid Living In A 150-Square-Foot Tiny Home

tiny house -- writersvoiceDOTnetWhen you think of off-grid living, you often picture a large homestead on a huge picturesque piece of land.

But there’s a growing movement in the off-grid community for tiny homes – small, modest homes occupied by people who believe our society needs to dramatically downside, beginning with our possessions. These homes may reside on a large piece of land, but most everything else is, well, tiny.

In today’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we talk to Ryan Mitchell, a leader in the tiny home movement who lives in a tiny home, blogs about tiny homes and even runs a tiny home conference.

The typical American home is around 2,600 square feet, while the typical tiny house is around 100-400 square feet. Mitchell says the tiny home movement is all about self-reliance. He also tells us:

  • Why tiny home dwellers have a sense of freedom they never experienced.
  • How tiny homes were the answer to his financial woes – and could be the answer for you, too.
  • Why getting rid of all the “stuff” he had accumulated transformed his outlook on life.
  • How he built his tiny home – and what he’s done to make it function off-grid.

Sixty-eight percent of tiny house dwellers have no mortgage, and 55 percent have more savings than the average American. Listen as Mitchell tells us how a tiny home could be the answer that many in the off-grid community are seeking.

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