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VIDEO: Meteor So Bright You ‘Could See Each Other … Like Daytime.’

WEATHERFORD, Texas — Residents of Texas and three other states Sunday night experienced a rare sonic boom and then a flash from a meteor that was so bright that it appeared, momentarily in some places, like it was daytime.

The meteor could be seen from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado.

“You could see a flash, like if an electrical transformer flashes at night, up to our northwest, but it was cloudy here — kinda rainy — so we didn’t actually see any kind of fireball or anything,” Deputy Fire Marshal Nathan Hines told The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

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One person wrote on the American Meteor Society (AMS) website that it was so bright you “could see each other momentarily like daytime.”

Mike Hankey of the AMS said the boom makes people think something is “hitting the ground,” when the noise is coming from over overhead.

“Actually like 10 miles up into the atmosphere [it] creates that sonic effect that’s like a rumbling sound or an exploding sound,” Hankey said.

Less than one percent of meteors cause a sonic boom.

A police dash cam caught the meteor in the sky, although it didn’t record the noise.

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