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Women’s March Canceled Because Leftists Are Overwhelmingly White

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overwhelmingly white

How many more women’s marches will be canceled because they are “overwhelmingly white”?

A leftist Women’s March against President Trump is being canceled because its participants are “overwhelmingly white.”

Significantly, the organizers of the Eureka Women’s March are apologizing because their organization is overwhelmingly white. They hold the Women’s March every year on January 19 in cities all over the country to protest the Trump presidency.

Nonetheless, the march in the Northern California city of Eureka is being canceled because protesters were overwhelmingly white, WJLA TV reports. In addition, organizers are canceling because too few gay people are marching.


Women’s March Organizers Apologize For Being Overwhelmingly White

“We failed to have the type of collaboration needed to be inclusive of some of the most under-represented voices in our community, namely, women of color and people who are gender non-conforming,” the Eureka Women’s March Facebook page states.

Furthermore, the Eureka women’s marchers are apologizing for having an overwhelmingly white leadership team.

“We recognize the majority of our current leadership team is white, and planning for this event has been centered around our experiences,” the Eureka Women’s March Facebook page declares.


Women’s March Canceled Because Town Is Overwhelmingly White

In particular, the marchers are apologizing because women of color did not take part in the event.

Notwithstanding, the reality that Eureka is 75% white could be the real reason women of color are not taking part, Reason speculates. By and large, the March is trying to recruit women who do not live in Eureka.

Instead, the Women’s March will try to recruit more women of color for another march. Notably, they will hold the new march on March 9, which is International Women’s Day.


Women’s March Against Trump Coming To Washington

On the other hand, Eureka leftists will still have plenty of opportunities to march against President Trump. In fact, hundreds of Women’s Marches across the world will go ahead as planned.

For instance, the big Women’s March on Washington is even hiring buses to haul protestors to the Capitol. Specifically, the Women’s March is planning to flood the streets of Washington, D.C. with a “women’s wave.”

Moreover, leftists hold “Sister Marches” in hundreds of cities and towns throughout the United States and Europe. The event in Eureka is also apparently a “Sister March.”


Overwhelmingly White Women’s Marches Are Shrinking

Amazingly, the national Women’s March organization is not checking if any of the Sister Marches are overwhelmingly white. Instead, only organizers in Eureka worry that their march is overwhelmingly white.

However, Sister Marches can be huge events even if they are overwhelmingly white. For instance, anywhere from 1.6 million to 2.5 million people took part in the 2018 Women’s Marches in the United States, Vox estimates.

Particularly, the average Women’s March attracts between 6,700 and 10,400 people, Erica Chenoweth and Jeremy Pressmen estimate. Pressman and Chenoweth are college professors who assess the number of marchers.

Additionally, between 5.9 million and nine million people took part in all of the 2017 marches against Trump, Pressman and Chenoweth assert. Remarkably, Pressman and Chenoweth claim that 1.8% to 2.8% of the United States population takes part in anti-Trump demonstrations.

Nevertheless, participation in the 2018 Women’s Marches was only one-fourth of the 4.2 million who marched to protest the Trump inauguration in 2017, Vox alleges. Given these circumstances, the 2019 Women’s Marches are likely to be even smaller than last year.


Sustained Protest Movement Against The Trump Administration Is Overwhelmingly White

Notably, Vox claims there is a “sustained protest movement” against the Trump administration in America.

In summary, the Women’s March began as a series of demonstrations against President Trump’s inauguration in 2017. Oddly enough, the most visible of those demonstrations was a rally where Madonna delivered a highly publicized attack on Trump in Washington.

The Material Girl explicitly describes Trump’s inauguration as a “horrific moment of darkness,” CNN reports. Moreover, The Huffington Post reports that Madonna is moving to Portugal to escape Trump.

Still, Madonna herself admits “Not that leaving America makes anything different or changes anything.” In fact, she notes, “I lived in London for 10 years.”

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What do you think about the cancelation of women’s marches because they are “overwhelmingly white”? Let us know in the comments below.

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