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Gas Tax Riots In France: More Trouble With Climate Change Regulations

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gas tax riots

The “Yellow Vest” gas tax riots could be the beginnings of revolutionary upheaval in France.

Gas tax riots are rocking France as many observers blame the unrest on efforts to fight climate change. In particular, thousands of “Yellow Vest” rioters have been terrorizing Paris and other cities for nearly two months.

The Yellow Vest rioters are apparently angry middle-class citizens, not student radicals. In fact, the gas tax riots began as a protest against high fuel prices and taxes, The New York Times reports. To elaborate, people were angry at a 30¢ per gallon gas tax increase designed to minimize France’s reliance on fossil fuels, Vox claims.

Specifically, the protesters rioted because the government ignored a Facebook petition against $6 a gallon gas. A small business owner named Priscillia Ludosky began circulating the petition in May 2018. Nevertheless, the media ignored the Yellow Vest movement until its members set cars on fire and vandalized national monuments.

Middle-Class Gas Tax Riots In France

Significantly, the rioters include small business owners, contractors, farmers, healthcare workers, and truck drivers. The rioters are angry at what they see as an attack on cars by the government.

For example, “Those who participated were predominantly men and women who rely on their cars to get to work and take care of their families,” The Times claims. “They live and work primarily in rural towns and in the suburbs or exurbs of France’s big cities, many earning just enough to get by.”

Additionally, the regional government is banning vehicles made before 2001 from the greater Paris area. Reuters declares that Greater Paris is now a low-emissions area in which old gas and diesel cars are illegal. In essence, the purpose of the low-emissions area is to decrease air pollution.

There are also plans to ban all gasoline and diesel vehicles from Paris by 2030. Furthermore, French President Emmanuel Macron’s government plans to ban the sales of all diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2040, The Guardian reports. On the whole, Macron is trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by banning gas and diesel vehicles.

Gas Tax Riots To Defend The Car

Particularly, a Yellow Vest is a symbol of car ownership in France. To explain, French law requires all drivers to carry a yellow safety vest in their vehicles.

The Yellow Vest’s original purpose is to make it easy for drivers to see stranded motorists, and yet the vest is now a political symbol. Instead, the protestors are now showing the world they are middle-class by wearing the Yellow Vests.

So, the Yellow Vest riots could be the beginning of a widespread middle-class revolt against centralized green planners. Consequently, politicians will determine how violent and widespread the revolt will be with their response.

Specifically, Macron is making the Yellow Vest protests more violent by ignoring his policies’ effects on the middle class. Nonetheless, France has a long tradition of violent middle-class protests and revolts that goes back to the revolution of 1789. As a result, the Yellow Vest riots could be the beginnings of revolutionary upheaval in France.

In reality, the Yellow Vest protests began in mid-November of 2018 and reached their height in early December. Now the Yellow Vests will inevitably plan new protests to make a clear impact early this year.

Could Gas Tax Riots Occur In America?

Violent protests such as the Yellow Vest riots could spread to America if Democrats try to ban fossil burning vehicles. Remarkably, lawmakers are already putting forth proposals to ban gasoline-powered vehicles in America.

Notably, California’s state legislature is considering a proposed law banning gas and diesel burning vehicles after 2040. In detail, Assembly Bill (AB) 1745 is being sponsored by Assembly Member Phil Ting (D-San Francisco).

Moreover, outgoing California Governor Jerry Brown (D-Oakland) set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in California by 40% no later than 2030. Notwithstanding, achieving that goal will require scrapping large numbers of older cars.

Will Efforts To Ban Fossil Fuels Lead To Gas Tax Riots In America?

Similar measures could soon appear in Congress because the Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives this year. However, Republicans have the power to block such bans because they control the U.S. Senate and the White House.

On the other hand, Democrats could control both houses of Congress and the White House as early as 2021. Therefore, bans on fossil fuel-burning vehicles could come to America in a few years.

Under those circumstances, riots could break out if Democrats try to eliminate older gas and diesel-burning cars driven by working-class and poor people. Ultimately, America’s cities could become a war zone because of efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change Gas Tax Riots Are Coming To America

Amazingly, such violence can spread quickly due to social media. For example, France’s Yellow Vest riots began in October 2018 when a truck driver named Eric Drouet recirculated Ludosky’s petition. However, by December 3, 2018, riots had wounded 260 people and killed three.

In any event, we need to fear violence that is triggered by government efforts to prevent “climate change.” After all, the Yellow Vest gas tax riots could be the beginning of a wave of violence that will spread to America.

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What do you make of the gas tax riots in France? Could they possibly spread to the U.S.? Let us know in the comments below.

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