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14 Amazing (And Even Crazy) Uses For Coconut Oil

14 Off-Grid Ways Coconut Oil Heals, Freshens And Even Prevents Rust

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Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils around and has hundreds of uses for our daily lives.

It has multiple health benefits, and has been used in many countries as a daily part of a traditional diet and wellness routine.

The best form of coconut oil is organic and virgin (unrefined). With unrefined coconut oil, the important healthy fats are protected, offering the most nutritional and health benefits.

Coconut oil contains several antimicrobial components, primarily due to its medium-chain fatty acids, such as lauric, capric and caprylic acids. Coconut oil does not kill every single bacteria and virus out there, but it is effective against quite a few, and yet it leaves the good bacteria alone.

Coconut oil is particularly useful for both external and internal fungal infections, including internal Candida infections, vaginal yeast infections, jock itch and athlete’s foot.

The following are just some of the many uses of coconut oil.

1. Cooking oil and replacement for butter. Coconut oil is one of the best cooking oils that you can use because it has a high smoke point. It contains high levels of plant-based saturated fat and antioxidants, it stores well for a long time and does not easily become rancid. This in direct contrast to the vast majority of vegetable oils on the market today, which due to their high levels of fragile unsaturated acids, quickly become rancid and stale. This rancidity can lead to free radical and cellular damage in the body, and the fragile fats are easily damaged when exposed to high heat conditions.

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Coconut oil is also a good replacement for butter in baking. It’s great for sautéing, popping popcorn on the stovetop, and for spreading on toast. Some people even add it to hot chocolate, coffee or smoothies to take advantage of the many health benefits.

2. Homemade deodorant. Coconut oil can be combined with arrowroot starch, baking soda, organic and non-GMO cornstarch, and essential oil(s) (optional) to make your own natural deodorant.

With many commercial deodorants on the market today containing aluminum and other less-than-desirable toxins for our bodies, it is nice to know that we can make our own inexpensive deodorant without having to worry about the ingredients. We also have the advantage of choosing whatever deodorant scent (or lack thereof) that we want.

3. Homemade toothpaste. Because of coconut oil’s antibacterial properties, it makes an excellent ingredient in homemade toothpastes. All that you need to do is combine coconut oil, baking soda, and sea salt (optional). Mix the concoction to your desired consistency, and you’ve got your own homemade natural toothpaste.

4. Hair conditioner. You can use a small dab (about a teaspoonful) of coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair, or as a deep conditioning hair treatment and then washing it out the next morning. Be sure to wear a shower cap during the deep-conditioning treatment to avoid getting the oil all over your pillowcase and other bed linens.

5. Body and facial moisturizer. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and whatever ingredients we apply to our skin are ultimately absorbed. Coconut oil is a great natural alternative to many of the chemical-based body and facial moisturizers on the market. Coconut oil is also ultimately much cheaper than all of those toxic products, and it won’t harm your health.

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The fats that are present in coconut oil are very similar to the lipids that are present in our own skin, so coconut oil is a healthy and effective all-purpose body and facial moisturizer. The antioxidants present in coconut oil also help to keep the skin healthy and young.

14 Off-Grid Ways Coconut Oil Heals, Freshens And Even Prevents Rust

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6. Carrier oil for essential oils. Due to their potency, most essential oils cannot be placed directly onto the skin, but must be first added to a carrier oil to avoid burning the skin. Coconut oil is an excellent carrier oil to use for essential oils.

7. Diaper rash treatment. Coconut oil is very soothing and healing to the skin, and is therefore helpful in treating diaper rash. Because of its antifungal properties, it is especially useful when the diaper rash is caused by a fungal infection.

8. Insect bit treatment. Coconut oil soothes the itch and burning when directly applied to insect bites, and helps the skin to heal in the affected area.

9. Cookware seasoning. Coconut oil can be used to season cast iron pans and cookware.

10. Garden tool protector. Rub coconut oil onto your garden tools to prevent dirt from sticking to them and to help prevent rusting.

11. Oil pulling. Popular in India for many years, the practice of oil pulling has recently been gaining popularity here in the U.S. and elsewhere due to its many purported health benefits. Coconut oil is one of the best oils to use for oil pulling due to its antimicrobial properties.

12. Lice treatment. Coconut oil is used by many off-gridders for treating head lice, and one major study affirmed its effectiveness. Coconut oil may work because the fat from the oil makes it difficult for the lice to maintain a grip on the hair strands.

13. Thyroid booster. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil can help to support healthy thyroid functioning, and have been demonstrated to increase metabolism, support weight loss, support healthy metabolism, and raise basal body temperatures.

14. Pet health supporter. Just as coconut oil is great for supporting human health, it is just as beneficial for supporting the health of our pets and other animals. Among many other benefits, coconut oil supports a healthy immune system, helps heal skin conditions and infections, improves digestion, and increases the energy of our furry friends.

What other uses have you discovered? Share your suggestions in the section below:

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