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8 Reasons To Ditch City Life And Move To The Country

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Do you balk at the thought of moving to a rural location but are not sure of how life away from all of your conveniences would be like? Perhaps in the city you’re close to everything — be it schools, supermarkets, sports facilities or entertainment options. The thought of having to drive a little ways for your groceries may be enough to keep you smack in the middle of your familiarity.

However, the trade-off for having to drive a little way to the nearest town is worth it when one fully understands all of the benefits associated with rural living. Once you find out how to source your provisions locally, you may not want to visit a chain supermarket again.

Here are just a few reasons to consider moving your family from the city to the country:

1. Freedom to do your thing

One of the first things that may strike you in the country is the freedom you feel. “Far from the madding crowd,” you feel a definite sense of relief. You are free to indulge in your passion and hobbies. Want to keep a menagerie? No one will object. Want to attempt breaking glass with your singing? Go ahead.

This kind of freedom is a great boon to children. You need not hush them up or restrict their movement any more. Children love to have all kinds of pets, and the health benefits they offer are many. In fact, it has been shown that kids who grow up with pets are prone to fewer allergies. With fewer, if any, restrictions on pets in the country, you are free to encourage responsibility and provide companionship for your children with a number of different animals.

2. Growing healthy food

If you’re really serious about eating healthy, moving to the country is the best way to accomplish it. The fruits and vegetables we get from the supermarket are no match for the fresh produce you grow in your own yard. If you already grow a few vegetables and herbs in and around your city home, the scope is larger in the country, and it is limited only by your energy.

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Besides fruit trees and vegetables, you can have dairy and eggs, too. No more shelling out extra for free-range chicken and eggs while wondering whether they are actually so. Country hens can roam freely and live as they are supposed to, and will provide you with superior eggs to their cooped-up city cousins. If you want to go all the way, get a cow as well to provide you with fresh dairy products.

3. Escape from pollution

Image source: Myaimistrue

Image source: Myaimistrue

Big cities and even some smaller cities are becoming overrun with pollution — such as noise pollution and air pollution. Escaping to a more rural area will undoubtedly result in fresh air that is not laden with smog or other pollutants. Many people who move from the city to the country report improvement in breathing, allergies, asthma and even say they have more energy.

4. Neighborly neighbors

In the city there is a great deal of rushing, and people seem to be somewhat disconnected from their neighbors because they are moving so fast. Another great advantage of living in the country is that you typically have fewer neighbors — but those around you are usually more neighborly. People in small rural communities tend to form lasting bonds, and although homes may not be physically close, they always know they are around and help each other out when needed. The whole family can benefit from forming relationships with such people.

5. Safety and security

The country seems to be safer and healthier for children to roam about and play on their own without constant adult supervision. Out in the country, everybody knows everybody else, and this makes people watch out for each other. People tend to be territorial, and view any new face with suspicion, which helps keep away strangers and prevent random crimes.

6. Peace and quiet

Living in a rural area offers privacy and quiet that’s near impossible to attain in a city, even with all the insulation and double glazing you can think of. People with creative spirits often take refuge in the country.

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Although the countryside is not entirely free of noise pollution, though. But it often takes the form of birdsong and the chirping of the crickets, punctuated by an occasional mooing of a cow.

7. Sustainable living

Living sustainability seems to be more of a reality in the country. Many people move to rural areas to live off the grid, without the use of public utilities. They may have a well, a solar and a wind generator. They may grow their own food and be virtually free from the vulnerability of today’s energy or industrial food supplies. This is quite liberating for all members of the family who will enjoy taking part in a sustainable lifestyle.

8. Living in communion with nature

When you live closer to nature, you’ll enjoy the physical and mental benefits from constant communion with the natural world. A hike in the woods may easily be more relaxing for the body and mind than a whole day spent at the spa. You shed your worries and learn to live life at a less hectic pace, taking time to smell the flowers by the wayside. Nature is a great teacher, and your children will benefit from the vast lessons taught by the natural world around them. Suddenly a herd of elk or deer become not only a topic of conversation but also teachers in nature’s classroom.

These are just a few of the benefits of making a move from the city to the country, but there are many more that you can find if you do a little research. Although country living may not be the perfect fit for everyone, everyone can benefit from time spent away from the lights, noise and hustle and bustle of the city.

Remember: Never be afraid of something because it is unfamiliar. Great adventures await you ahead!

What are other benefits of living in the country? Share your ideas in the section below:

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