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How To Make All-Natural 2-Ingredient Lip Balm

Image source: humblebeeandme

Image source: humblebeeandme

If you live somewhere cold, then chances are this winter took a toll on your lips. Luckily, lip balm is an easy and cheap product that you can make at home – and get ready for those dry summer months. Using just two ingredients, you can make your own lip balm that is completely natural, good for your lips and skin, has a great scent, and costs very little.

By making your own lip balm, you will increase your self-sufficiency for very little money invested.

This stuff is really simple. You’ll need beeswax and coconut oil. Really, that’s it. Even better, if you already raise bees, then this lip balm will cost you almost nothing, and you’ll have a new use for the wax you get.

But if you don’t raise bees, order some beeswax or pick it up at the local food co-op or craft store. Try to get organic; you don’t want that industrial stuff that’s made downwind from some pollution factory in China. You should be able to get a pound of coconut oil at the supermarket.

You will also need something to put the lip balm into. You can buy the little twist-up tubes online for fairly cheap, or reuse some old jars. I prefer the tubes just because I don’t like the idea of sticking my filthy fingers into the lip balm.

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And that’s it. The beeswax will run you about $10 a pound, and the coconut oil will be about $7 or $8. This recipe uses a 2-to-1 mixture, so if you’re planning on using the entire pound of beeswax, you will need to pick up two pounds of coconut oil.

Be warned, though: Making three pounds of lip balm is getting into the industrial range of production. The standard lip balm tube is only three-sixteenths of an ounce. So three pounds of wax and oil will give you somewhere in the neighborhood of 240 tubes of lip balm. Of course, you always can sell it or give it away.

Melting The Wax And Oil

Image source:

Image source:

Melting the wax and coconut oil together is the most time-consuming part of making the lip balm, but it will still only take a few minutes. The beeswax will melt slower, so be sure to either buy the small pellets of wax, or grate it yourself into much smaller pieces.

You can use a microwave if you’d like, but use it in 30-second intervals and stir the wax often. But the best way is to use a double-boil method. You can even do this on top of the woodstove if you’d like, but just watch that it doesn’t get too hot.

To use a double-boiler, just heat up a small amount of water in a pan until it is simmering. Then, put the ingredients into a metal bowl, and put that bowl in the simmering water. This will melt the wax and oil quickly, while not allowing it to burn at all. The wax will melt much more slowly than the coconut oil, so feel free to start the wax first and then measure out the oil and then add it.

Get the water simmering, and then add one tablespoon of grated or pellet beeswax to the metal bowl. Then add two tablespoons of coconut oil to the bowl as well.  Let it melt slowly, and stir it once in a while. It should take less than 10 minutes for the whole thing to be liquid.

Pouring It Into Tubes Or Containers

Image source: Wikipedia

Image source: Wikipedia

While the mixture is melting, set up a level surface to pour the lip balm into your containers. You might want to put down a piece of wax paper, which will make any spills easier to clean up.  There are two ways to get the lip balm into the containers: Pouring or using a baster.

The baster is a good way if you have the lip balm tubes, but I’ve found that it’s easier to just take my time pouring the mixture out of a measuring cup with a sharp pour spout.

When it’s all melted and is a nice clear liquid in the bowl, you can take it off the heat. The wax will start hardening right away, so be sure to set up your tubes/containers before you remove the balm from the heat.

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When the whole thing cools, it will shrink a little bit as well. So, whatever container you’re using, don’t fill it all the way to the top on the first pour. Leave a little room, and then you can top it off for a nice, even surface all the way across. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up with a hole right in the middle, and if you’re giving these away as gifts, it won’t look too impressive.

This recipe of three tablespoons will give you about five to seven tubes of lip balm, and it will have a nice dull yellow color and a wonderful coconut flavor, with no artificial colors or flavors.

Adding Vitamin E Or Oils (Optional)

If your lips are really in need of some help, get liquid vitamin E, and add five or ten drops to the melting wax. The vitamin E will really help heal any badly chapped lips.

If you want to try other flavors, you can also add a few drops of essential oils of your choice. Peppermint and lemongrass are wonderful additions to the flavor and scent of the lip balm. Pick one you like and just add it in. The coconut flavor is fairly powerful, so start with a few drops of essential oil, and then add more after mixing if it’s not strong enough.

Making your own lip balm at home with only a couple of ingredients is rewarding, frugal and healthy. And if you have bees or were looking for a reason to get bees, you can add lip balm to the list of things that your bees can help you with.

Do you have any tips on making all-natural lip balm? Share them in the section below:

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