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Playing the Demon’s Song: HAARP and the Truth about Atmospheric Warfare

The threat of a massive electromagnetic pulse descending from the sky is normally associated with a high-altitude nuclear explosion or with runaway solar activity. But in the 1990s, in the far reaches of the Alaskan tundra, another potential source for aerial electromagnetic warfare and destruction was constructed that may present an even more ominous threat to the people of the planet. This private, heavily-secured facility near Gakuna, Alaska goes by the name of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP for short. But while the sublime stringed instrument made famous by Harpo Marx is known for producing sounds that seem to have descended directly from heaven, this HAARP is capable of generating the kind of notes we might expect to hear only during a rousing performance by the Hell community choir. Despite the insistence of the U.S. defense and intelligence establishments that own and operate the HAARP project that its technology will only be used for benign purposes, close scrutiny of official documents reveals a much darker reality.

Explaining the Technology

What a visitor to the HAARP installation in Alaska would see is a series of large radio transmitting antennae, arranged carefully in what is known as a phased array. These particular antennae are capable of producing radio waves at extremely high frequencies, and when coordinated in a phased array, they would be able to create an extremely powerful stream of energy that could be focused on one point far up in the earth’s atmosphere, all the way up to the ionosphere. The ionosphere is a layer of charged particles high in the planet’s atmosphere, at an altitude of approximately sixty to ninety kilometers. The short radio waves used to transmit radio signals to distant locations are bounced off of the ionosphere at an angle and reflected back to the earth, where they can be picked up by receiving antennae located far away from the radio wave point of origin. While this kind of radio signal is good for some purposes, it does have limits, as it is usually filled with noise and static and can be easily interfered with by certain weather conditions of even by sunspot activity. High frequency (HF) and extremely high frequency (EHF) radio waves do not have this limitation; but under normal conditions, these very short wavelength radio waves are not reflected back to the earth by the ionosphere, and so their use has traditionally been limited to point-to-point transmissions within range of the horizon.

A phased array of transmitting antennae like those at the HAARP facility can hit the ionosphere with a beam of concentrated power that actually heats it and causes it to bulge out or expand. Devices or arrays that have the ability to cause this effect are known as ionospheric heaters, and the one that has been built on the HAARP grounds is by far the most powerful type of ionospheric heater that has ever been developed. It is a peculiarity of the physics of the ionosphere that once it has been expanded and warped by a powerful focused radio beam, it becomes more reflective than it was before. By being directed toward the bulge, HF and EHF waves can be reflected back to the earth just as easily as radio waves with longer wavelengths and much less power, and this is what the magic of the HAARP system is all about.

HAARP as a Weapon

According to the Pentagon, the primary purpose of HAARP is to improve long-term communication, specifically with submarines that may be deployed in far-off locations. High frequency communication waves bounced off of ionospheric bubbles can travel around the globe, and they can easily penetrate the surface of the ocean to reach Navy subs even when they are deeply submerged.  But while there is no doubt that improving global communication is one of the motivations for HAARP, the important point to remember here is that with HAARP technology, there are no longer any limits on the intensity and strength of the electromagnetic waves that can be bounced off of our upper atmosphere. A phased array capable of generating enough energy to deform the ionosphere in this way can just as easily produce incredibly powerful bursts of electromagnetic energy that can be reflected off of any ionospheric bubbles that have been created – and this includes energy bursts equivalent in strength to electromagnetic pulses produced by high-altitude nuclear explosions.

And indeed, close scrutiny of patents for HAARP technology and various military documents make it clear that plans for HAARP go far beyond simply using it to improve communications. In fact, documents have been uncovered that explicitly state that HAARP technology was built at least in part because it would be capable of recreating the effects of a nuclear-generated EMP. Perhaps the most insidious thing about HAARP is that because it is so isolated and distant from everything, if it were activated and used to send out a powerful pulse of electromagnetic energy designed to destroy another nation’s electric and electronic infrastructure, how would anyone even know for sure what had actually happened? Of course, we might not be all that concerned about this as Americans if we were the only people in the world that possessed this technology. But as you can imagine, other nations like China and Russia are hard at work developing this same kind of technology, and ultimately they will be able to use it secretly against us just as easily as we would be able to use it against them.

And the situation may be even worse than this, because the kind of atmospheric manipulation made possible by HAARP technology could also conceivably be used to control the weather. Massive storms could be created or diverted off of their natural path as a way to attack other nations in an especially insidious and impossible-to-prove manner. In fact, there are some who believe that something like this may have already happened; and further, there are some who believe that HAARP technologies could be used to trigger earthquakes, and that this may also have already been done – although just exactly how high frequency electromagnetic energy could cause this effect is not entirely clear. But connections do appear to exist between certain atmospheric disturbances and seismic activity, so this is an area that needs further study.

EMPs: The Next Generation

Despite assurances of harmless intent, HAARP appears to have significant potential for use as a weapon that would be capable of producing the same kinds of effects as a nuclear EMP. The fact that it would be even easier to use than the nuclear approach is what makes the invention of this kind of technology so disturbing. Atmospheric manipulation could wreak havoc with the entire world economy, causing trillions and trillions of dollars worth of damage that would be extremely difficult to repair completely. In a time when chaos always seems to be just around the corner, the silent terror of electromagnetic attack could be one of the gravest threats we all have to face.

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