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What the heck is Obamageddon?

obamaA prominent trend forecaster has predicted a second American revolution with possible “food riots, tax protests, farmer rebellions, student revolts, squatter dig-ins, homeless uprisings, tent cities, ghost malls, general strikes, bossnappings, kidnappings, industrial saboteurs, gang warfare, mob rule, terror”.

It sounds like hell on earth, and unfortunately, the man who is predicting it has a history of being right.

Since 1980, Gerald Celente has made more than 40 public predictions that have come true. He predicted the 1987 stock market crash, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the surge in global terrorism, the growing popularity of new age religions and spiritualism, the growth of online shopping, the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the 2001 US recession, the real estate collapse and more.

Mr. Celente doesn’t lay all the blame at Obama’s feet, in fact, he claims that the foundations have been put in place over generations, but does say that Obama has put the descent into Obamageddon on fast forward. He claims that the TARP program, stimulus packages, bailouts, buyouts, rescue package and the unrestricted printing of money dooms the United States.

Celente is not alone in thinking the US is headed for economic disaster. Many economists and market watchers believe that the US dollar will be replaced by a commodity, such as gold, or an alternative currency, either like the Euro or something entirely new. Russia, China and the oil countries have already suggested such an alternative. If the dollar was no longer the reserve currency of the world, its value would drop substantially, creating an environment in the US not unlike that of Mexico in 1993, when the peso was devalued, the cost of goods skyrocketed, and there was violence in the streets. It sounds unbelievable, but remember the chaos, violence and looting in New Orleans after Katrina? When your home is gone and you have no way to eat, people act as though they had nothing to lose.

Such a development could lead to the end of the United States, with it possibly breaking up into pieces resembling the way the Soviet Union broke up into different nations. It sounds like an unimaginable future, but if you drive the streets of Detroit today and see the abandoned buildings, burned down houses and gangs wandering the streets with impunity, it’s hard to imagine you’re in the United States.

No one knows the future with certainty, but at Solutions From Science we believe it is prudent to hope for the best while preparing for the worst. Invest some time and energy educating yourself about the condition of the world today, what the future might hold, and what you can do to prepare your family and loved ones for whatever might lie ahead.

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