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Fermented Foods Can Be Key Factor In Cancer Fight

fermented foods

Studies show that lactic acid in many fermented foods acts as a powerful detoxifier.

Researchers at the University of Illinois were curious as to why Polish women who go to the United States of America were more prone to develop breast cancer than their relatives who remained in Poland. Possibly one of the primary dietary changes linked to their move has been a lower rate of eating fermented foods, mainly cabbage. Scientists found that deficient concentrations of extracts from these vegetables exhibited anti-estrogen effects. Moreover, when purified and separated, these anti-estrogenic compounds differed from anything seen before.

Cancer has commonly contributed to a decrease in the production of hydrochloric acid and enzymes. When a significant reduction occurs, improperly digested food overloads the liver and also other systems with metabolic toxins. Several doctors, including the noted cancer specialist Nicholas Gonzales, MD, have discovered that the act of increasing the enzymes and digestive capabilities of cancer patients often assists the whole body in ridding itself of cancer.

Additionally, lactic acid increases production of the B vitamins by intestinal flora and increases cell metabolism. Also, the acid behaves as a detoxifier, which can be considered “beneficial” to the cancer patient. Dr. Johannes Kuhl of Germany has reported using lactic acid in fermented items to treat colon polyps. He indicates that these kinds of pre-cancerous growths in the whole colon can disappear after 4 to 6 weeks of treatment. During this time, the subject must ingest a massive amount of lactic acid through fermented vegetables. If they do so, the growths may not recur providing the person eats the vegetables on a regular basis.

Within the past one hundred years, we have practically eliminated possibly the most beneficial fermented foods in our diet. A big part of the explanation for this is related to the process we now employ to preserve foods, mainly vegetables. When fresh vegetables weren’t as readily available through the entire year, many people had often preserved them through fermentation. Nowadays, due to improved transportation and storage techniques, we can easily buy vegetables year-round. Freezing and canning have come to be the approaches that many people have liked for preserving. While these techniques retain vitamin content and they are convenient, they undoubtedly have little to provide regarding beneficial bacteria for one’s system.

In this country, the sole fermented food that we consume with any regularity consists of pickles produced from fermented cucumbers. Nevertheless, most companies produce commercial pickles with vinegar as a substitute for just salt and water. After that, workers pasteurize them, which kills all of the lactic acids and produces bacteria. This technique, as a result, renders this product nearly useless for improving health.

Many individuals buy the majority of their fermented foods from stores, which can include pickles, yogurt, and sauerkraut. Notwithstanding, this commercial produce has few or none of the benefits that these foods possess in their unprocessed forms. Alternatively, you can typically make your own yogurt, fermented vegetables, and sauerkraut.

Another essential thing to keep in mind, which is critical when it comes to eating fermented foods, is not just to devour a big helping maybe once or twice every week. Instead, you usually should have a small portion. In fact, a couple of times daily with meals is optimal.

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