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10 Rare Survival Skills You’ll Probably Need Someday

How To Build An Off-Grid Home Without ANY Construction Skills

Homesteading and living off-grid is all about knowing the right skills – but few among us have enough skills to survive a societal collapse … much less a few days in the woods.

On this week’s episode of Off the Grid Radio, we discuss 10 rare skills that most people, including most off-gridders, don’t have. Our guest is Ana Maria Spagna, the author of 100 Skills You’ll Need for the End of the World (as We Know It).

Spagna learned survival skills while living in a remote location in the rugged Pacific Northwest, and she tells us skills that most people know little about, such as:

  • The rare skill, practiced in biblical times, that helped people find food when they were desperate.
  • The overlooked skill that allows people to move 2,000-pound items without any help.
  • The ancient life-saving skill that adults and children practiced millennia ago but that largely has been lost to history.
  • The one skill that, if practiced regularly, can literally prevent your home from catching fire.

Spagna also shares with us two gardening skills that even expert horticulturists have not mastered. If you’re wanting to expand your survival and homesteading knowledge, then don’t miss this week’s show!

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