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4 Grid Threats That Would Leave 300 Million Americans Dead

power grid radioEarlier this year and without much mainstream media coverage, the Pentagon announced it was moving the primary headquarters for NORAD back into Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain to protect it against a potential nuclear and EMP attack.

It may have made you feel safer, until you realized that while NORAD now is protected, our power grid still is not – and that there are at least three other ways the power grid could be taken down, coast to coast, for a year or more.

In other words, while NORAD will have power, the rest of us will remain in the dark.

On today’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we speak to grid expert Peter Pry, who served on the EMP Commission that issued a report to Congress and who is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on grid vulnerabilities.

If the power grid is taken down for a year, Pry said, it would result in up to 90 percent of the population dying from starvation, lack of medical supplies, and unrest. And sadly, nothing is being done about it. Pry also tells us:

  • Why the power grid would be down for so long — and why traditional repairs used following electrical storms simply wouldn’t work.
  • How a gaping hole in the Pentagon’s strategy still leaves us vulnerable to EMP attacks from Iran and North Korea.
  • Why Congress and President Obama are doing nothing, despite having a solution that would guard the grid.
  • How states are stepping forward to take action in the face of D.C. inaction.
  • Why the biggest threat to the grid may come not from a man-made attack but from natural events.

Pry, though, leaves us with hope, and tells us what we can do to help protect not only the grid in our area — but also to get ready for a potential attack. If you’re concerned about the vulnerability of the power grid, this is one episode you need to hear.

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